The BEST episodes directed by Akira Hayashi

The Lace of Compassion
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#1 - The Lace of Compassion

Punch Line - Season 1 - Episode 2

As Rabura despairs that she will never have real spirit powers like her parents, the apartment's landlady, Meika Daihatsu, learns "Cheermancy" to cheer her up, which Rabura mishears as "necromancy". Meanwhile, Yūta learns that cinnamon dust in the air raises his spirit powers, using the opportunity to break a bottle in front of Rabura, though he cannot do it again without the cinnamon boost. Later, Ito Hikiotani tries and fails to hide a bear cub named Muhi she found abandoned in a box.

Panties Panic
74 votes

#2 - Panties Panic

Punch Line - Season 1 - Episode 1

On December 21, Yūta Iridatsu is caught up in a bus hijacking along with his neighbour Rabura Chichibu, at which point super heroine Strange Juice comes to save the day. Rabura is knocked out by the mastermind who is about to shoot Strange Juice, but hesitates when he sees a pink "G" on her neck. When Yūta sees Rabura's panties, he powers up and tackles the mastermind out into the sea. He wakes up on the shore with Strange Juice, and upon seeing her panties, falls unconscious again and powers down, at which point something falls from the sky, forcing his soul out of his body. He reawakens in his apartment building two days later, with a spirit cat, Chiranosuke, who explains that another spirit is inhabiting his body and he must find the "Nandala Gandala" book to take back his body. While Yūta searches for the book in his apartment building, he learns that when he sees girls panties twice in a row, he loses consciousness and a meteor destroys earth.

Punch Line
25 votes

#3 - Punch Line

Punch Line - Season 1 - Episode 12

With thirty minutes left on the clock, Guriko infiltrates the Korai House and heavily damages Meika, putting a stop to her hacking. As Yūta faces off against Guriko, Rabura manages to stop Tsubouchi and exorcise him, allowing Ito and Meika to finish the hacking and launch the missiles and destroy the meteor. Meanwhile, Mikatan decides to activate her power to stop Yūta and Guriko fighting. Before Mikatan is killed by the side effects, Yūta switches bodies with her, returning Mikatan back to Chiyoko's body while he passes away in hers. 49 days later, the Spirit Yūta bids farewell to the others before going back in time to accomplish what he needs to do for a bright future.

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Panty Party!
27 votes

#4 - Panty Party!

Punch Line - Season 1 - Episode 8

On December 24, the day Tomoda first attempted to kidnap Muhi, Yūta takes on the guise of Kenji in order to chase after him. Questioning the soul of Qmay possessing Tomoda, Yūta learns that Qmay was the one responsible for creating both Muhi and Uber powers. Afterward Qmay leaves and Tomoda is hospitalized, Yūta speaks with Meika, who appears to be familiar with Kenji due to the words of her late grandfather, who told her to form a hero team known as Justice Punch after receiving a fax from the future. The next day, Yūta meets with Rabura's cousin Rando, the one who gave Muhi to Ito, who betrayed the Qmay group in order to put a stop to their W project. Later, on December 26, as Mikatan expresses her thanks to Yūta for his help during the bus-jacking, she collapses in front of him.

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#5 - Kaguya

Garo: Crimson Moon - Season 1 - Episode 4

Everyone in the capital is currently gossiping about the beautiful blue-eyed princess Kaguya. Her beauty is breathtaking and suitors fight desperately for her hand in marriage. Rumors spread that she is cursed as her suitors die one after another.

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