The BEST episodes directed by Akinori Fudesaka

Last Inning
6 votes

#1 - Last Inning

Major 2nd - Season 2 - Episode 11

The second round of the district qualifying is finally to the final round! In the top of the 7th inning, he allowed an additional point during Kiyowa and further widened his lead, but Nishina, who pitched urgently, took a series of strikeouts, and Fubayashi managed to get through the pinch. And in the bottom of the 7th inning, the last attack in Fubayashi was a high-ranking line starting from No. 3 Sawa. However, No. 4 Anita just injured her right wrist ... Urabe and Andy's Kiyowa Battery severely attacked Anita's weakness, the internal angle.

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Girl Power, Baseball-Style
7 votes

#2 - Girl Power, Baseball-Style

Major 2nd - Season 2 - Episode 5

The opponent of the first match of the new Fubayashi Junior High School baseball club is Itsuki Junior High School. Ace in Itsuki, Yokouchi has only 9 members in Fubayashi who came out to the ground, and it is surprising that there are 6 girls. Yokouchi, who can't hide his dissatisfaction with "Why should I be the starting lineup for girls?", Confronts top batter Chisato. On the other hand, the starting pitcher Mutsuko in Fubayashi is pitching for the first official game, so he tightens his feelings and heads for the mound.

Cinderella's Magic
9 votes

#3 - Cinderella's Magic

Major 2nd - Season 2 - Episode 24

Fubayashi was leading a large number of people in Tsujido during the practice game, but with the appearance of Tsujido Group A members, who are the original mainstay, the lead was suddenly reduced. In addition, Tsujido's catcher, Daigo and Mutsuko's teammates in elementary school, Mitsuru Sakaguchi (Mitsuru Sato), appeared, and Daigo and his friends couldn't hide their surprise. The light of serving as the same catcher as his father Toshiya, a former major leaguer. How good is that ability ...?

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True Name
18 votes

#4 - True Name

Isuca - Season 1 - Episode 2

Shinichirou becomes friends with Tamako, the cat-monster, and ends up helping Sakuya clean, as she lives alone. Sakuya is bossy and doesn't give Shinichirou a break. Another monsters appears at the school, which takes girls underground and eats their flesh.

Danger Past, God Forgotten
42 votes

#5 - Danger Past, God Forgotten

The Lost Village - Season 1 - Episode 10

Mitsumune regains consciousness in the outside world, but he can't shake off the feeling that he must go back to get the others. Meanwhile, the group left behind in Nanaki Village experience a curious, growing lethargy...

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70 votes

#6 - Confession

Tsuredure Children - Season 1 - Episode 1

Takase's crush wants to talk to him about something, but she beats around the bush. Minagawa confesses to Furuya-kun -- or does she? Akagi catches Kaji smoking. He could rat her out, but he has different plans. Saasahara wants to confess to her crush before he graduates, but her unfortunate defense mechanism makes that difficult.

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52 votes

#7 - Spring

Tsuredure Children - Season 1 - Episode 2

Furuya's sister, Hotaru, doesn't want him dating Minagawa -- or anyone, for that matter. Kaga has a hard time caring about anything, and Sasahara has a hard time pitching anything -- especially the astronomy club. Goda is dense as hell. Takano is about to walk home in the rain, when Sugawara offers her an umbrella. She, too, is dense as hell.

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54 votes

#8 - Aloof

The Lost Village - Season 1 - Episode 3

The group forms a search party to find the missing members - Yottsun and Masaki - but find what seems to be a large bear. As Mitsumune runs away, he spots a bruised and cowering Masaki. The group tries to interrogate her on Yottsun's whereabouts, but she provides little information as Mitsumune defends her. Later, Dahara tries to calm down the group by organizing sleeping arrangements and dinner. In one of the rooms, Jack gets angry with Hyoketsu when he accuses him of copying his persona, and attacks him with a hoe. The boys restrain him as Lovepon screams for his execution, but Mitsumune and Maimai plead for mercy, and Valkana defuses the situation by throwing Jack in an underground cell he found. Later, Valkana reveals his backstory to Koharun. That night, Mitsumune runs into Maimai while going to see Jack. Lovepon then reappears, hoping they wish to execute him. When Mitsumune refuses, Lovepon tries to kill him instead. Mitsumune manages to throw her off when he spots Yottsun's body floating down the river in front of him.

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