The Best Episodes Directed by Akiko Honda

Moon Over Ekaterinburg

#1 - Moon Over Ekaterinburg

Blood+ Season 2 - Episode 5

Kai continues to worry about Saya after she jumped off the train. David leaves little space for this as he suggest they press on to find Dr. Ted A. Adams. One of the Delta-67 scientist at the time of the Vietnam war. There search soon leads them to an abandoned nuclear facility. What will they find?

star 10.00
29 votes
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Mismatched Feelings

#2 - Mismatched Feelings

Blood+ Season 3 - Episode 11

James and Diva leave to go to a luncheon, but Diva gets him to take her to Royal Covent Garden so she can sing. David meets with Mao and Okamura who tell him that Diva's opera is being jointly sponsored by Cinq Fleches and Goldsmith Holdings, that the two companies have partnered to produce food for the military forces across the countries, and that they have a research facility on the outskirts of London being run by Van. David uses a stolen ID to infiltrate the lab where he discovers Julia and learns a little more about the research being done. He's almost captured by Van who remembered David from Vietnam, but David instead uses Van as a hostage to escape. At the opera house, Saya, Hagi, and Kai battle with James while Nathan watches. Saya's sword is unable to penetrate James' iron-like skin, leaving James an opportunity to kill Saya. However, Nathan stops him and makes him leave, promising Saya he would find her a "suitable" stage to die on. Weakened from the battle, Saya feeds on Hagi. Kai turns away, then looks back to find both have left.

star 10.00
29 votes
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Echoes, Singing Voices

#3 - Echoes, Singing Voices

Blood+ Season 4 - Episode 4

Saya and her group have infiltrated the air force base. Following Julia, David learns Diva appears to be eight weeks pregnant and that the babies will be born soon. Once Julia and Collins are alone, he attempts to kill her, but David intervenes and is shot. At the same time, David manages to stab Collins in the arm with a scalpel, after which Collins runs away. Meanwhile, Amshel captures Kai and takes him to Diva, who wants to make him a chevalier. Saya is able to get Kai away, but when she goes after Diva, Amshel captures her, and Hagi is caught by Nathan. While they fight, several people attending the concert suddenly change into chiroptera and begin killing the other guests, only to be killed themselves by the Corpse Corps. Solomon appears and saves Saya from Amshel before flying off with her, after which Hagi frees himself from Nathan's grasp and leaves to rescue Saya.

star 10.00
29 votes
Being Ordered Around By You Somehow Makes Me Really Angry! / What Do You Mean 'Somehow?'

#4 - Being Ordered Around By You Somehow Makes Me Really Angry! / What Do You Mean 'Somehow?'

Good Luck Girl! Season 1 - Episode 3

Figuring she needs a boyfriend, Ichiko takes an interest in her sleepy classmate, Keita Tsuwabuki. Upon finding and returning his ID card, Ichiko is invited by Keita to have dinner with his siblings, who are quite poor as their parents had left them. Keita soon takes a strong dislike to Ichiko when she rejects his ideal that being together is more important than money. The next day, Ichiko tries to make up with Keita's brother Ryūta by buying him a super rare trading card. However, he ends up dropping the card down a sewer and gets trapped in there whilst attempting to retrieve it just as a typhoon starts to settle in. As Ichiko is told by Keita how he doesn't want to be in anyone's debt, Momiji makes her aware of the danger Ryūta is in, prompting her to go and save him. As Ryūta gets swept into the river, Ichiko dives in after him, using a device given to her by Momiji to use her fortune to rescue him. Afterwards, Keita and Ryūta give their thanks to Ichiko, who feels a warmth in her heart.

star 9.09
55 votes
Phantom of the School

#5 - Phantom of the School

Blood+ Season 1 - Episode 8

Saya is enrolled in a French school in Vietnam that was associated with the wine found at the military base, while Hagi goes undercover as a gardener. Not long after getting there Saya learns from her talkative roommate that the phantom at the school kidnaps girls that look similar to Saya. After investigating some more Saya is led to the bell tower where she comes face to face with the phantom.

star 8.81
58 votes
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Cursed Blood

#6 - Cursed Blood

Blood+ Season 3 - Episode 4

After the Schiff's attack, Saya agrees to share her blood with Irene. After drinking her blood, Irene's body crystallizes and shatters. The Schiff realize that they have been lied to and that it is Diva's blood they need to survive. They leave, taking most of Irene's pieces with them. Saya and Kai mourn Irene's death.

star 8.00
58 votes
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Dangerous Boy

#7 - Dangerous Boy

Blood+ Season 1 - Episode 4

George is taken into ICU after being severely injured. Angered, Kai takes the gun that George had been hiding and goes after Forrest. Riku informs Saya about Kai and both of them go off to search for Kai. Kai finds Forrest, but it seems he has become the monster he was when he attacked George. Now Saya must get to Kai as quickly as possible, for it is a matter of life and death. Can she get there is time?

star 7.95
129 votes
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