The Best Episodes Directed by Abigail Fuller

Cristina Martínez

#1 - Cristina Martínez

Chef's Table Season 5 - Episode 1

Cristina Martínez continues her family’s long tradition of barbacoa at her restaurant in Philadelphia. Her food has garnered widespread acclaim and given her the opportunity to become an advocate for undocumented immigrants.

star 7.72
72 votes
Ana Roš

#2 - Ana Roš

Chef's Table Season 2 - Episode 5

Slovenian chef Ana Ros gets inspiration from the ingredients she finds in her secluded surroundings to create unexpected recipes.

star 7.44
136 votes
Tim Raue

#3 - Tim Raue

Chef's Table Season 3 - Episode 5

Chef Tim Raue had a troubled youth before cooking helped turn his life around. His Asian-inspired flavors have revolutionized Berlin's culinary scene and earned his restaurant two Michelin stars.

star 7.21
108 votes