The Best Episodes Directed by 高橋秀弥

For The Third Time, He Returned To His Original Path

#1 - For The Third Time, He Returned To His Original Path

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Season 1 - Episode 9

Hachiman grows restless as the end of summer approaches while at the same time babysitting Yui's dog Sablé. As thanks Yui invites Komachi and Hachiman to the upcoming Fireworks Festival, however Komachi slyly declines the invitation, instead pressuring Hachiman to go with Yui. On the day of the festival, Hachiman suppresses his human instincts of being with Yui with his own warped logic. As they shop for Komachi's items, they encounter Minami Sagami and her clique who innocently tease Yui for attending with Hachiman by making the Festival out to be a girls-only social event. As the fireworks start, Yui remarks on Hachiman's thoughtfulness, while running into Haruno. As the three sit and watch the fireworks, they discuss their relationships with Yukino, with Haruno lamenting that things never seem to work out for Yukino. At the end of the festival, Haruno offers to take Hachiman and Yui home in her limo, although they end up declining despite Hachiman's words that he isn't bothered by the past accident. Later, Yui asks Hachiman if Yukino had ever told him about the accident to which he negatively replies, stating they they not dwell on matters that Yukino would rather not discuss. Yui retorts that she would like the three of them to get to know each other better, hence be closer friends and suggests that herself and Hachiman would have been friends even if the accident hadn't occurred. Although Hachiman rejects Yui's theory on the basis of cause and effect. As the discussion takes a romantic turn, Yui is interrupted by a call from her mother and hurries off. School resumes the next day and Hachiman and Yukino run into each other. Finally Hachiman ends with a monologue explaining that he hates himself for believing his own ideal of Yukino, because just like any ordinary person, she too lies.

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And Thus, Their Festival Doesn't End

#2 - And Thus, Their Festival Doesn't End

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Season 1 - Episode 13

In medias res, Soubu High School holds a Sports Festival and while walking around, Hachiman tries to justify his reasoning for not participating in any events by his own interpretation of a speech given by Pierre de Coubertin. Some time after the Cultural Festival, the Service Club receives an email asking for help in planning the upcoming Sports Festival. While the club discuss their ill experiences at the last Sports Festival, Meguri Shiromeguri enters the club room and reveals that she had made the request, which they accept. At the sports committee meeting, while everyone brainstorms ideas for events, Shizuka shoots them all down, on account that people have become more socially sensitive over what an event entails. Eventually Hachiman suggests that they call in Yoshiteru and Hina who are better with creative work and soon enough, get some ideas to work on. As the festival continues, the white team takes the lead over the red team thanks to Hayato's athletics. As the girl's main event gets underway, which was designed based on the historical Battle of Kōnodai by Yoshiteru, Yukino is able to help the red team catch up. Finally for the last boys' pole drop event, Hachiman uses Yoshiteru to create a distraction while he stealthily approaches the white team's pole by disguising himself has a white player using some bandages. Although he is stopped by Hayato, Hachiman reveals his double feint and at that moment has Yoshiteru charge at the pole and win the event and supposedly the festival. The next day at the Service Club Yukino reveals that the red team was disqualified because Hachiman's deception was akin to cheating, but they resolve to participate the next year. As things return to normal, Hachiman concludes by pondering that they will make the most of their high school lives until it reaches an end.

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In Other Words, He Has Few Friends.

#3 - In Other Words, He Has Few Friends.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Season 1 - Episode 4

Hachiman walks in on his sister, Komachi Hikigaya, reading a teen magazine. As he cleans up after her he subsequently starts to ponder what having a little sister in real life really means. On they way to school, they talk about the car accident Hachiman had been involved in where he saved a dog (belonging to Yui, although he does not know it.) At school, Hachiman is once again reprimanded by Shizuka for his "Workplace Visit Survey" where he tries to justify becoming a "house-husband," although he is left pondering on who he would group with for the visit. Arriving late for the Service Club meeting, he exchanges cell phone numbers with Yui for convenient contact and makes it known that he texted girls in middle school, although as Yukino points out, from the story he gave, girls were afraid of him and hence ignored his texts. At that moment, Yui and Hachiman receive a mysterious chain text implicating 2F's Kakeru Tobe, Ōoka, and Yamato as delinquents. At this time, Hayato enters the club room and requests that the Service Club help him stop the text from circulating without necessarily exposing the culprit. While requesting their help, Hachiman narrates that Hayato uses his charismatic personality as a popular person (which he calls "The Zone") to inadvertently cause people to flock to him. Being a victim of slanderous chain mails before, Yukino accepts the request. They realize that the texts are connected to the upcoming grouped Workplace Visit which has only three people per group while Hayato's clique has four people meaning that one person is spreading the rumors to get someone knocked out of the group. Yukino has Yui and Hachiman gather information on the three suspects, but Yui, unable to be subtle asks Yumiko and Hina Ebina for information, but they utterly misunderstand, with the latter of whom spewing a fujoshi fantasy about the suspects. Hachiman takes a turn and decides to instead observe the group, noticing that when Hayato is around they are all lively. While observing he is interrupted by the Saika who asks about the upcoming group event and hints at grouping with him. Hayato then approaches Hachiman and asks of his progress, just as Hachiman observes that the clique is now quiet and awkwardly checking their phones now that Hayato is no longer with them. Realizing the situation, Hachiman explains to everyone at the Service Club, that he doesn't know who the culprit is, but is indeed one of the three. Since their behavior when Hayato isn't present suggests that they are not close friends but instead are only acquaintances, with Hayato being their mutual friend, therefore they are literally competing for his attention. He solves the case by suggesting that Hayato have the three of them group and have a chance to get to know each other better, which seems to work. As thanks, Hayato groups with Hachiman along with Saika for the Workplace Visit. As Saika asks Hachiman when they should have their visit, he ponders if that social situation is "friendship" before everyone crowds around Hayato wanting to visit the same place as him.

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