The BEST episodes directed by 小野学

Chance Meeting
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#1 - Chance Meeting

Saki - Season 2 - Episode 1

During elementary school, Shizuno Takakamo and Ako Atarashi make friends with the recently transferred Nodoka Haramura. Upon hearing about her interest in mahjong, they take Nodoka to Achiga Girl's Academy, where Harue Akado runs a mahjong club for children. After a few games with Kuro Matsumi, Shizuno later tells Nodoka about Harue's history, including reasons leading to Achiga's club disbanding. By the year's end, Harue accepts an offer to join a company's mahjong team, which leads to the closure of the children's club. Nodoka also reveals that she is transferring out by next spring. The years have passed, and an excited third year Shizuno sees Nodoka on television winning the individual middle school tournament. Driven to reach the inter-high national tournament, Shizuno goes to Achiga's club room where she encounters Kuro, who had been maintaining the room since disbandment. Together, they revive the mahjong club with intent to meet Nodoka again. Instead of Bansei, Ako also enrolls into Achiga for the same reason.