The Best Episodes Directed by אוהד פרח

The Ferret

#1 - The Ferret

Ramzor Season 4 - Episode 1

פרק פתיחת העונה - אמיר משתגע שבכל פעם שהוא וטלי יוצאים היא מבקשת ממנו לסחוב את הדברים שלה בכיסים שלו, והוא דורש ממנה להתחיל ולהתסתובב עם תיק. חפר יוצא עם בחורה חדשה, אך יש בעיה קטנה - היא גבוהה ממנו בראש וחצי. איצקו ולילך מסתבכים בטעות עם השכן המאפיונר שלהם.

star 9.34
64 votes
Beware, My Wife is in the Car

#2 - Beware, My Wife is in the Car

Ramzor Season 2 - Episode 1

Hefer explains to Amir that if he wants to hangout he has to give his girl the impression it's a laborious obligation. Itsko discovers the speaker phone in the car is a precarious device when your wife is present.

star 8.90
31 votes
Store Offender

#3 - Store Offender

Ramzor Season 2 - Episode 9

Itsko is hungry, and engages in his usual habit of "sampling" the supermarket food, however the supermarket's management decides to put a stop to the habit. Amir and Tali discover that she can't stand his friends nor he hers. They decide to find new couple friends that will belong only to them. Hefer decides to save a bit by disconnecting from the cable company. But the cable company refuses to disconnect from him.

star 8.87
30 votes
Cigarette Break

#4 - Cigarette Break

Ramzor Season 4 - Episode 3

אמיר מתרגל לאט לאט לכך שהוא אבא לילדה. ומנסה בכל דרך להתחמק מהאחריות שנלווית לעניין. חפר יוצא עם בחורה חדשה, אשר גורמת לו לדבר ולהתנהג כגבר נשוי לכל דבר. לילך דורשת מאיצקו לעזוב את הבית אחת ולתמיד, ולמצוא לעצמו דירה חדשה- האם הוא יעמוד בזה?

star 8.81
36 votes
Feeling Old

#5 - Feeling Old

Ramzor Season 2 - Episode 3

During an outing at a club Amir discovers that he "dances like a middle aged person at a weddings". And it is exacerbated when a waitress addresses him as "Sir". Hefer realizes that it is impossible to separate from Shiri 'baggage'.

star 8.67
3 votes

#6 - Handyman

Ramzor Season 2 - Episode 4

Amir fails to assemble an Ikea shelf. Amos the hot neighbor, assembles the shelf in minutes, right in front of Tali. Amir sets out to defend his masculinity. Hefer goes out with the news sign language woman and exploits it to his advantage.

star 8.00
2 votes
Reducing Arrivals

#7 - Reducing Arrivals

Ramzor Season 4 - Episode 2

אמיר מוטרד מכך שהוריה של טלי מפסיקים להגיע אליהם מאז שירדנה נולדה. חפר מתבאס מהעובדה שאמיר הפך לאבא והוא כבר לא החבר שהכיר. איצקו ולילך מנסים לסגור עניינים יפה אבל מהר מאוד העניינים מתגלגלים לכיוון בית המשפט. האם איצקו יעמוד בהוצאות בית המשפט?

star 7.89
36 votes
Chain E-mail

#8 - Chain E-mail

Ramzor Season 2 - Episode 5

Amir tries to get away with not picking up his dogs feces and gets in trouble with a neighbor from hell. Hefer receives a chain e-mail which threatens with a curse if you don't pass it on. He disregardingly erases the e-mail.

star 7.50
2 votes
Ms. Replacement

#9 - Ms. Replacement

Ramzor Season 2 - Episode 7

Amir notices that every time he buys Tali a gift she replaces it. Even the replacement slip is replaced. Hefer goes out with an overly enthusiastic drama student. The couples therapist sends Itsko on a mission - to cause Lilach to get jealous.

star 7.50
2 votes

#10 - Kululu

Ramzor Season 2 - Episode 2

Tali drops a bomb on Amir: her Lybian grandmother intends to make the kululu sounds during their wedding (a celebratory yelling custom among Mizrahi Jews), and she's arriving with her sisters. Hefer has a ravishing night with Shiri "baggage" after which she disappears.

star 7.00
4 votes

#11 - Eilat

Ramzor Season 2 - Episode 8

The entire gang go down to Eilat for a vacation. What will happen when Amir will learn that Tali is in her period just when they're on vacation? When Lilach will discover that Tali and Amir's room is better, and Hefer will find himself stuck without cash to pay for the call girl he order...?

star 7.00
4 votes

#12 - Homework

Ramzor Season 2 - Episode 6

Itsko helps Daniel with her math homework and makes a mistake while doing so. Daniel loses her faith in her father and Itsko sets out to win it back.

star 6.07
30 votes