The BEST TVNorge Shows

The top 3 shows on TVNorge

I kveld med Ylvis

#1 - I kveld med Ylvis

A talk show with the Ylvis brothers.

star 9.32
169 votes
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Helt Perfekt

#2 - Helt Perfekt

Fictional, close and humorous look into Thomas Giertsens life.

star 8.89
105 votes
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Nissene på låven

#3 - Nissene på låven

Norwegian mock-reality-TV-game-show where a group of people are dressed up as Christmas gnomes, moved into a small barn loft and filmed at all hours. Forced to survive on a diet of marzipan and nuts, one contestant is voted out of the show in each episode.

star 7.79
168 votes
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