The BEST TV Globo Shows

The top 18 shows on TV Globo

Tá no Ar: A TV na TV

#1 - Tá no Ar: A TV na TV

Making fun of all other TV shows and TV commercials

star 9.68
282 votes
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Happily Ever After? (2015)

#2 - Happily Ever After? (2015)

How far would you go to have your desires fulfilled? Directed by Fernando Meirelles, Happily Ever After? tells the story of a couple in crisis. When the mysterious call girl Danny Bond comes on the scene, a crime of passion changes forever the lives of all involved. Who will the victim be? And the villain? After all, in a story so full of secrets and infidelity, who can get away with it to live happily ever after?

star 9.60
84 votes
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O Auto da Compadecida

#3 - O Auto da Compadecida

This fanciful fantasy from Brazil follows two poor but resourceful young men, Jack the Cricket (Matheus Nachtergaele) and Chico (Selton Mello), on their adventures. Looking for work, Jack and Chico get a job at a bakery, where the mean-spirited owner feeds them food so awful that when they give it to a dog, it kills the poor animal, leading the boys to fast-talk a priest into giving the dog a funeral mass. Later on down the road, shy Chico falls in love with beautiful Rosinha, whose father is the town's wealthiest citizen. While Chico is too timid to approach her, Jack is able to fool Rosinha's boyfriends into leaving town, leaving the field open for his friend. And finally, a gang of ruthless criminals invades the town and goes on a murder spree, with Jack gunned down alongside many of the town's most prominent citizens.

star 9.47
134 votes
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Toma Lá, Dá Cá

#4 - Toma Lá, Dá Cá

Brazilian comedy about two couples living next to each other in the same building. This show explores the antics between the two couples.

star 9.39
286 votes
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Above Justice

#5 - Above Justice

A young man who murdered his fiancée out of jealously faces the rage of his former mother-in-law; a woman incriminated after defending her son from a dog’s attack; a young woman whose future was torn apart by a racist cop; a man who helped the love of his life with euthanasia. Four different people under arrest in one single night, four different stories about crime, justice and revenge that will forever haunt the lives of those involved

star 9.14
179 votes
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Os Normais

#6 - Os Normais

Rui and Vani, are a couple facing normal discussions, problems and situations such as infidelity and convivency problems, but they solve it with great humor.

star 9.12
209 votes
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Second Call

#7 - Second Call

‘Second Call’ focuses on the resilience stories of teachers and students in a complex public education system. After some time off from teaching, Lúcia Helena returns to the classroom, now giving night classes to teenagers and adults. Along with other three teachers and the principal, she faces institutional adversities and the lack of appreciation without flinching. The conflicts involve both the faculty and the student body and, in this scenario, Education emerges as a hope, reminding everyone that it is never too late to have a second chance.

star 9.07
27 votes
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Seven Women

#8 - Seven Women

The greatest civil war Brazil ever faced by the point of view of the seven women of the separatist leader's family.

star 9.07
77 votes
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The Cariocas

#9 - The Cariocas

A series in ten stand-alone episodes, tells the story of ten modern-day women against the beautiful backdrop of Rio de Janeiro and it's stunning urban landscapes. The protagonists are uninhibited, adulterous, vindictive, suicidal, envious, brides, betrayed, deluded. Women with distinct beauty and quaint peculiarities, each one has a particular way of life. All of them are very different, but they have one thing in common: they live their conflicts and loves with great intensity and their personalities converse with the geography of their neighborhoods. Each episode is full of sensuality and presents the day-to-day of these wonderful women, who have different ways of facing their challenges, always from the perspective of their values.

star 9.02
148 votes
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O Canto da Sereia

#10 - O Canto da Sereia

O Canto da Sereia is a Brazilian miniseries, produced and aired by Rede Globo since January 8, 2013. Written by George Moura, Patricia Andrade and Sergio Goldenberg, supervised text Gloria Perez, and general direction of José Luiz Villamarim direction and core Ricardo Waddington, the miniseries is based on the book by Nelson Motta. The series tells the story of a popular singer who is murdered mysteriously in carnival, mobilizing around a grand investigation of the case.

star 8.87
82 votes
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Sai de Baixo

#11 - Sai de Baixo

Caco Antibes (Miguel Falabella) and his wife Magda (Marisa Orth) lived in a luxury mansion in the Jardins, in São Paulo, until the IRS discovered bankruptcies in Caco's personal accounts and they were evicted from the mansion, and their property confiscated, Getting miserable. With that, they went to live in the apartment of Magda's uncle, Vanderlei Mathias (Luis Gustavo), the Vavá, along with Magda's mother, Cassandra (Aracy Balabanian). Vavá is a bachelor who owns a tourist agency, who lives between good and bad business, and who did not rejoice at all with the arrival of the family, which he considers "a bunch of crazy and irresponsible." Lazy, they live in the stewardship of Vavá while Caco lives creating ideas for easy money, stunting Magda's burrices and constant fights with her mother-in-law.

star 8.86
219 votes
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#12 - Capitu

Capitu is the name of the main female character of the novel by Machado de Assis, Dom Casmurro. She is the object of Bentinho's (Dom Casmurro) obsession. The novel forces the reader to decide if Capitu cheats or not on Bentinho, due to the dubious interpretation of reality by the protagonist, Bentinho, who is blinded by jealousy. It was also the name of the Brazilian television series written by Euclydes Marinho and presented by Rede Globo between 8 December and 13 December 2008. The production was a homage to the centennial anniversary of the death of Brazilian writer Machado de Assis, author of Dom Casmurro, the romance on which the miniseries was based.

star 8.82
111 votes
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Hidden Truths

#13 - Hidden Truths

In Hidden Truths (Verdades Secretas), an obsessive passion places mother and daughter in a dangerous love triangle. Arlete is a naive teenager who always wanted to be a top model. After her parents' divorce she moves to bustling São Paulo with her conservative mother and grandmother. When a financial crisis hits them, Arlete finds in her dream a chance to give her family a better life. Soon the ambitious businesswoman Fanny falls for Arlete's looks and invites her to work for her fashion agency. In this new universe, Arlete receives a complete makeover, changing not only her image but her name as well: now she will be known as Angel. But behind the catwalk's glamour there is a prostitution scheme controlled by the immoral Fanny that will change forever the new top model's life: the pink book.

star 8.72
362 votes
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A Grande Família

#14 - A Grande Família

The daily lives of a typical Brazilian middle-class family, that are always very close and tries, in their way, to survive the financial and relationship difficulties.

star 8.39
108 votes
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Avenida Brasil

#15 - Avenida Brasil

The story of a young children who saw her life be ruined by an ambitious and unscrupulous woman. As an adult, she returns under a new identity and seeking revenge.

star 8.21
1,162 votes
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The Voice Brasil

#16 - The Voice Brasil

The Voice Brasil is a current Brazilian reality talent show based on the reality singing competition The Voice of Holland, series was created by Dutch television producer John de Mol, where the winner is entitled to a R$ 500.000 prize and a recording contract with Universal Music Group.

star 7.97
191 votes
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#17 - Malhação

Young people forms friendships and fall in love.

star 6.74
307 votes
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Big Brother Brasil

#18 - Big Brother Brasil

The program consists of the confinement of a variable number of participants in a graphic house, being watched by cameras 24 hours a day, with no connection to the outside world. Participants cannot communicate with their relatives and friends, read newspapers or other means to obtain external information. These participants are chosen by the production of the program, but they can create whether or not they want to enter the house and have the right to withdraw in the middle of the program.

star 6.56
233 votes
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