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Soul Land (Dou Luo Da Lu)

#1 - Soul Land (Dou Luo Da Lu)

Tang San is one of Tang Sect martial art clan's most prestigious disciples and peerless in the use of hidden weapons. With high expectations, the sect's elders believe his future will be bright; yet Tang chooses to forsake this life at the cost of obtaining the sect's forbidden lore—an action punishable by death. Tang, now content with his ascension of knowledge, sees no reason to keep on living and jumps from Hell's Peak, but little did he know that that would not be the end of his existence.

star 9.37
63 votes
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My Amazing Boyfriend

#2 - My Amazing Boyfriend

How far back do their destinies cross in history? Xue Ling Qiao is a mutant man with superpowers who has been roaming the Earth for 500 years but has been trapped in a deep sleep for the past 100 years. When B-actress Tian Jing Zhi gets into a car accident, Ling Qiao is released from his sleep trap. He uses his powers to heal her wounds and bring her back to life. With nowhere else to go, Ling Qiao forces his way into rooming with Jing Zhi in her apartment, becoming embroiled in her crazy world of trying to make it as an actress under the shadows of a perfect A-list star. As they bicker their way to a better relationship, they are shocked to learn that their fates have been entangled by a conspiracy that spans many centuries!

star 9.30
96 votes
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The Untamed

#3 - The Untamed

The pugilist world is ruled by the powerful Wen clan, which dominates over the smaller Lan, Jiang, Nie and Jin households. The carefree Wei Wuxian becomes fast friends with the righteous Lan Wangji, and during their adventures, the pair find out that the head of the Wen clan is the evil mastermind behind a series of plots that would wreak havoc upon the lands. Wei Wuxian’s attempts to protect the innocent members of the Wen clan from unfair persecution leads to disaster, and he goes MIA in the process. Wei Wuxian reappears sixteen years later, and works together with good friend Lan Wangji to solve a series of murder mysteries, eventually finding and defeating the true culprit. Based on the Moxiang Tongxiu's novel Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation.

star 9.20
284 votes
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The Eternal Love

#4 - The Eternal Love

The Eternal Love is set in the fictional Dong Yue Empire where the princes fight for the throne. Due to some mystical force, Qu Tan Er develops two different personalities: she occasionally switches from gentle and reserved to uncivilized and bold. She is being offered to the 8th Prince Mo Lian Cheng for marriage, but Lian Cheng is suspicious of Tan Er’s relationship with the Eldest Prince Mo Yi Huai for whom she once tried to commit suicide. Nonetheless, Tan Er slowly manages to gain his trust with her bold and bubbly personality and the two end up falling deeply in love. However, her other gentle personality is still yearning for the Eldest Prince and wishes to help him become emperor…

star 8.81
57 votes
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The King's Avatar

#5 - The King's Avatar

In the multiplayer online game Glory, Ye Xiu is regarded as a textbook and a top-tier pro-player. However, due to a myriad of reasons, he is kicked from the team. After leaving the pro scene, he finds work in an Internet Cafe as a manager. When Glory launches its tenth server, he throws himself in to the game once more. Possessing ten years of experience, the memories of his past, and an incomplete, self-made weapon, his return along the road to the summit begins!

star 8.55
415 votes
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Scissor Seven

#6 - Scissor Seven

Seeking to recover his memory, a scissor-wielding, hairdressing, bungling quasi-assassin stumbles into a struggle for power among feuding factions.

star 8.48
98 votes
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Joy of Life

#7 - Joy of Life

Fan Xian (Zhang Ruo Yun) is the adopted son of the head of a royal agency that operates in the government of the despotic Emperor of the Qing (Chen Dao Ming). Despite the Emperor’s tyrannical ways, Fan Xian remains devoted to the imperial cause. However, during the course of his studies, Fan Xian’s loyalty is shaken when he discovers that the Emperor secretly ordered assassins to kill Fan Xian’s mother – fearing that she had become too influential at court. Things get even more complicated when he discovers that he is actually the natural son of the Emperor. Fan Xian vows to take revenge upon his biological father – and a bitter power struggle ensues, with the very future of the Qing Dynasty at stake. But who will prevail as Fan Xian seeks vengeance and his father tries to maintain his grip on the Imperial throne?

star 8.37
47 votes
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My Girlfriend is an Alien

#8 - My Girlfriend is an Alien

An intergalactic romance follows an alien girl stuck on planet Earth. She crosses paths with an overbearing CEO who forgets the opposite sex whenever it rains. Hailing from planet Cape Town, Chai Xiao Qi finds herself held up on Earth after accidentally losing a homing device. She is not just an ordinary alien, but a couquettish master at chasing guys. One she inhales men's hormones, it becomes a drug that releases her deepest inhibitions and puts her in the state of mind of a total fangirl. In order to survive among the humans, Chai Xiao Qi relies on her supernatural abilities to get out of trouble time and again. Meanwhile, Fang Leng is an overbearing CEO who suffers from heterosexual amnesia whenever it rains which causes him to forget the women around him on rainy days. These unusual circumstances between Chai Xiao Qi and Fang Leng ultimately lead to a romance that is full of laughs.

star 8.27
345 votes
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The King's Avatar (2019)

#9 - The King's Avatar (2019)

Ye Xiu is the star player on an esports team that dominates the Chinese leagues of hit multiplayer titled “Glory.” His gaming days appear to have come to an abrupt halt, however, when he is forced out of his team – who are keen to accept a lucrative sponsorship deal he is vehemently opposed to. Dejected, Ye Xiu takes a job at a late-night Internet cafe, and eventually strikes up a friendship with Chen Guo, the cafe’s owner. Eventually, Chen Guo reveals her plan – to launch a new “Glory” team led by Ye Xui. Will Ye Xiu resume his “Glory” days? And can he recruit – and train – enough fellow members to return to the top of the national rankings...and take revenge on his disloyal former teammates?

star 8.20
67 votes
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Eternal Love of Dream

#10 - Eternal Love of Dream

Having been saved by Emperor Dong Hua from a vicious monster attack, Princess of Qingqiu, Bai Fengjiu becomes immensely indebted to him. To repay him, Fengjiu follows Donghua around on his adventures to eliminate evil but unwittingly realizes that her feelings of gratitude towards him has turned to romantic. However, after a hundred thousand years of fighting evil, Donghua has long forgotten the meaning of “love". To protect Fengjiu, Dong Hua sends her to the human world but accidentally causes the death of Fengjiu’s friend. Fengjiu enters the dream of Ah Lan Ruo to search for the fruit that will be able to resurrect her friend. However, Fengjiu ends up getting trapped in the dream. Dong Hua comes to rescue, and realizes he has fallen in love with Fengjiu…

star 8.14
33 votes
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Put Your Head On My Shoulder

#11 - Put Your Head On My Shoulder

As Si Tu Mo’s graduation is nearing, she is confused about her future plans. Her ordinary days are suddenly shaken up when the genius Physics student Gu Wei Yi appears in her life. The two accidentally end up living together and chaos begins.

star 8.14
116 votes
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Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace

#12 - Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace

With the Ulanara clan in disgrace after Empress Yixiu falls out of favour, Ruyi (Zhou Xun) learns the politics of the harem and steadily climbs up the ranks to become Empress. Even after surviving through multiple conspiracies and successfully proving her innocence, her relationship with Qianlong (Wallace Huo) had become irreparable. Ruyi eventually becomes disillusioned with her husband and the harsh reality of life in the Palace. Although the love and trust between them gradually disappeared, Ulanara serves as a distinguished empress until her death.

star 7.87
44 votes
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Accidentally in Love

#13 - Accidentally in Love

Rejecting the demands of her wealthy family, a young woman poses as an ordinary college student and crosses paths with a stoic pop star at school.

star 7.73
128 votes
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Flavorful Origins

#14 - Flavorful Origins

Delve into the delectable world of Chaoshan cuisine, explore its unique ingredients and hear the stories of the people behind its creation.

star 7.72
28 votes
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Moonshine and Valentine

#15 - Moonshine and Valentine

Guan Pi Pi lives a quiet life until a mysterious man named Helan Jing Ting appears. Jing Ting is blind when he’s under the sunlight, but has an excellent vision at night. Furthermore, he’s a vegetarian. He’s an expert when it comes to ancient jade and he always stares at the moon while listening to a serenade at night. At first, it seems like Pi Pi and Jing Ting met each other by coincidence, but they’re actually tied together by fate. However, Jing Ting’s father pronounced a curse on them: Pi Pi always dies a terrible death when she wants to reciprocate Jing Ting’s love. Jing Ting isn’t willing to give up though. Will he be able to change their fate in this life?

star 7.44
32 votes
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Manner of Death

#16 - Manner of Death

Dr. Bahnjit is a medical examiner who works at the provincial hospital. One day, the body of a woman who died as a result of hanging comes in and after carrying out the autopsy, Dr. Bahnjit concludes that it not suicide but in fact a murder case. This suddenly makes him a target of someone powerful. As a result of his statement, Dr. Bahnjit has an anonymous man break into his house and threatens him to change the report to suicide. Dr. Bahnjit doesn't take this man's threat seriously, until one day one of his friends, who is a prosecutor disappears. He begins to secretly conduct an investigation of his own in order to get to the truth — and somehow all clues lead to a man called Tan as the main suspect. Tan, however, denies everything and instead convinces Dr. Banjit to work together in order to get to the bottom of this and find the real murderer together.

star 7.04
46 votes
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Hitori no Shita: The Outcast

#17 - Hitori no Shita: The Outcast

Chou Soran was a normal college student until he gets caught up in a terrible incident in a small village, while visiting his grandfather's grave, he then told by officer Song that he met a girl saying that she was the other daughter of his father. While walking through the graveyard, Soran is assaulted by zombies until a mysterious girl wielding a knife and a meat knife suddenly saves him. After encountering again with the girl Soran's life suddenly change, he was then force to join Houhou's company and many clan has come after him stating that he is the heir of Ketaigen style a power that was probably use by his late grandfather but Soran has no idea on what is going on with them.

star 6.94
221 votes
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Nobleman Ryu's Wedding

#18 - Nobleman Ryu's Wedding

Ryu Ho-sun and Choi Hwa-jin are set to have arranged marriage, but she disappears during their wedding. Choi Ki-wan pretends and dresses up as a woman instead of her.

star 5.81
37 votes
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The Founder of Diabolism

#19 - The Founder of Diabolism

As the grandmaster who founded the Demonic Sect , Wei Wuxian roamed the world in his wanton ways, hated by millions for the crimes he was accused. In the end, he was stabbed in the back by his sworn brother Jiang Cheng and killed by the vicious ghosts he controlled when the cultivation clans attacked his stronghold to kill him. After 13 years, he is summoned into the body of a lunatic called Mo Xuanyu, who was rejected by his clan and bullied by his family, therefore sacrificing his own body to Wei Wuxian so he could avenge him. He'll soon meet a famous cultivator from his past, Lan Wangji. They will soon face a series of events that will take them to discover the truth behind the tragic events that led to the death of many people and Wei Wuxian himself.

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Dragon Day, You're Dead

#20 - Dragon Day, You're Dead

On the first day of Zhang Jingmei's transfer to top elite school Bencheng College, she encounters the "campus devil", Long Riyi. Their contention towards each other begins a love affair that affects the rest of the school.

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The Romance of Tiger and Rose

#21 - The Romance of Tiger and Rose

A screenwriter finds herself becoming a character in the script of her own creation. However, she is not meant to live past three episodes! Chen Xiaoqian is a writer who poured blood, sweat and tears into creating a big female-centric drama. What could have started filming smoothly quickly turned south because of actor Han Mingxing's reservations about the script. Feeling wronged, Chen Xiaoqian vows to prove herself yet she accidentally gets stuck in a parallel world where her story has come to life. Now known as the 3rd princess Chen Qianqian, she is an insignificant side character with a horrid reputation that is not meant to live long in the story. In order to live, she starts on a road to reverse her fate. She also gets caught in between the arrogant and black-bellied prince Han Shuo and the practically perfect Pei Heng.

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Take My Brother Away

#22 - Take My Brother Away

A school comedy inspired by the two-child policy in China that revolves around a brother and sister and their daily encounters. Shi Fen (Joseph Zeng) and Shi Miao (Sun Qian) are siblings like any other. Shi Fen, the older brother, may be utterly unreliable at times, but he cherishes his sister a lot. Shi Miao, the younger sister, may be violent and abusive towards her brother, but she is extremely attached to him. Together with classmates like Zhen Kaixin (Wang Xudong), Wan Sui (Hu Yongtao), Wan Xing (Ma Boquan) and Miao Miao (Lu Xiaoyu), the two encounter hilarious situations in school.

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Beautiful Reborn Flower

#23 - Beautiful Reborn Flower

Lin Heping is a famous curator who runs into Qiao Man and is surprised to find that she looks exactly like a woman that he loved for years.

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