The BEST NAVER tvcast Shows

The top 17 shows on NAVER tvcast

The Sound of Your Heart

#1 - The Sound of Your Heart

"The Sound of Your Heart" is based on the popular web-toon with the same title, which has been being published serially for the last ten years online. The web-toon has been loved much for the delightful stories about writer Jo Seok himself, his brother Jo Joon, and Ae-bong, who is Jo Seok's girlfriend and becomes his wife later in the story.

star 8.59
119 votes
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The Boy Next Door

#2 - The Boy Next Door

Neighbors Kyu Tae and Ki Je can't seem to escape one another - they discover they have a mutual acquaintance in Min Ah, and they even end up living together.

star 8.20
50 votes
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Long Time No See (2017)

#3 - Long Time No See (2017)

The renown hitman, 'Flying Dagger', bumps into 'Wild Dog', who happens to be a hired assassin for mobster 'Black Leopard'. While both of them try to be incognito, they cannot help falling in love with each other. However, 'Wild Dog' has a secret that he couldn't confide to 'Flying Dagger'. After all, 'Flying Dagger' and 'Wild Dog' reveal their secret identities to each other during the fight led by their bosses. They run into danger as gangsters brand them as traitors. Will they be able to overcome obstacles and keep their love?

star 8.17
70 votes
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Nightmare Teacher

#4 - Nightmare Teacher

“Nightmare Teacher” is about the mysterious things that happen in a typical school. The students fall into a sweet but mysterious seduction in which their dreams happen as soon as they dream it.

star 7.69
68 votes
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So, I Married the Anti-Fan

#5 - So, I Married the Anti-Fan

K-pop star Hoo-joon and an anti-fan magazine reporter, Lee Geun-young, start living together by chance and unfold a thrilling romantic love story.

star 7.59
82 votes
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Noble, My Love

#6 - Noble, My Love

Lee Kang-hoon (Sung Hoon) may be the head of one of the world’s largest companies, but he’s still got a thing or two to learn about people. After his narrow escape from a kidnapping scheme, Kang-hoon gets a crash course in compassion when he finds safe harbor with a sweet veterinarian named Yoon-seo (Kim Jae-kyung). But is the cold CEO capable of recognizing what true warmth and kindness is?

star 7.57
251 votes
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Falling for Challenge

#7 - Falling for Challenge

Na Do Jeon is a timid but bright boy who works part-time as a Pierrot clown because he genuinely loves making people laugh. Ban Hana is a girl dreaming of starting her own food truck. The two incidentally run into each other start a relationship. This is the story of their singlehanded fight to prevent the closure of the ‘One Plus’ hobby club where they fell in love.

star 7.53
57 votes
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High-end Crush

#8 - High-end Crush

"High-end Crush" is a romantic comedy depicting the heartfelt and pure love story by a man with everything in his hands, who falls in love for the first time in his life with a woman, who has been living in completely opposite circumstances from his.

star 7.17
46 votes
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The Miracle

#9 - The Miracle

How could twin sisters be such polar opposites? Kwon Shi Ah is the beautiful sister, gorgeous in every way and a member of the popular girl group known as Miracle Girls. Since she was in preschool, Shia has worked as a model and then a teen actress before becoming an idol. Her fraternal twin sister, Shi Yeon, is almost double the body size of Shi Ah and has always been ridiculed and bullied in school for her large frame. Because of this, Shi Yeon has become a recluse, who prefers staying home and producing an Internet broadcast within the safety of her room. The only time Shi Yeon ventures out is to visit a mysterious tarot card reader who gives Shi Yeon a magical tarot card every day. But the twin sisters’ lives are turned upside down when they wake up one day and realize that their souls have switched bodies! What will an idol musician and Shi Yeon’s high school crush think of the

star 7.17
103 votes
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To Be Continued

#10 - To Be Continued

At the peak of their popularity, an all-male idol group — Cha Eun Woo, Moon Bin, Jin Jin, MJ, Yoon San Ha, and Rocky of ASTRO — is mysteriously transported back into time. As they relive the day before their debut, they cross paths with Jung Ah Rin (Kim Sae Ron), a young girl who will change everything.

star 7.14
58 votes
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Choco Bank

#11 - Choco Bank

Choco Bank is about a guy named Kim Eun Haeng, who is a college graduate entering the workforce. His father made sure he had a lucky start in life by giving him a name that meant money. Eun Haeng (meaning Bank in Korean) will deal with the concerns many in their 20s struggle with when they start working for the very first time.And a girl named Ha Cho Co who is getting ready to start a business. The story plays out as the two meet and finds out more about the financial service industry.

star 6.47
43 votes
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Love Cells

#12 - Love Cells

Ma Dae-Chung is unemployed and hasn't dated in 9 years because his love cells/DNA are all dried up, hence his inability to date. He is tired of being single and decides it's time to start dating again. Ne Bi teaches Ma Dae-Chung about the a-z's of love. The drama will revolve around the love story of Ma Dae-Chung and Seo Rin. Adaption of a webtoon with the same title by Kim Myung-Hyun.

star 6.46
93 votes
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Click Your Heart

#13 - Click Your Heart

Starring AOA's Min Ah as an endearing outcast who turns the heads of Da Won, Ro Woon, Cha Ni and Ju Ho.

star 6.40
63 votes
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Aftermath (2014)

#14 - Aftermath (2014)

Aftermath is a supernatural crime drama based on the popular Naver webtoon by Kim Sun Kwon ("Survivors of Those Days," "K Errands Center"). It is a thrilling story of murder, mystery, and love that was made exclusively for Naver TVCast for viewing on mobile devices. Ahn Dae Yong (Dong Joon) is a quiet high school student who suddenly develops the super power to predict who is a murderer and who is about to die. Those who appear to have red eyes are destined to die soon, while those with blue eyes are about to commit murder. Ahn Dae Yong decides to use this power to save lives and becomes an unexpected hero for the people.

star 5.50
30 votes
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Kiss Goblin

#15 - Kiss Goblin

Ban Sook, a 160 year old goblin, needs to kiss 10 times to become a human being. With each kiss, he learns a human emotion. Can a goblin who wants to be a human being and a human being who hates other human beings coexist?

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The Sweet Blood

#16 - The Sweet Blood

A fantasy romance story between Yeon seo and Song Meo Ru. She is a high school girl who has to graduate safely. Yeon seo is a half-vampire who has lived 118 years. Born between a human mother and a vampire father, she has a natural beauty, and vampire abilities but desire to live an ordinary human life.

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Spark (2016)

#17 - Spark (2016)

Strange things happen at night. Son Ha Neul (Nam Bo Ra) is a young woman who lost her parents to a terrible accident and has been living at a friend’s house. She works odd jobs during the day and night to support herself. Yoon Ga On (Na Jong Chan) is a member of the famous idol group Dexter and is known as a musical genius. The two strangers’ worlds collide when Ha Neul gets a temp job one night to work on the production of Dexter’s music video. While taking a rest by some bushes during the filming, Ha Neul and Ga On are both struck by a falling star! After the accident, Ga On suddenly starts emitting electricity from his body. What will become of Ha Neul and Ga On now? ©viki

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