The BEST E4 Shows

The top 8 shows on E4

My Mad Fat Diary

#1 - My Mad Fat Diary

Set in the mid-90s at the height of cool Britannia, My Mad Fat Diary takes a hilarious and honest look at teenage life from the perspective of Rae - a funny, music-mad 16-year-old who, despite an eccentric mother and her own body image and mental health issues, has a huge lust for life, love and trying to get laid.

star 8.89
2,002 votes
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8 Out of 10 Cats

#2 - 8 Out of 10 Cats

A comedy panel game hosted by Jimmy Carr with team captains Rob Beckett and Aisling Bea. The teams are asked questions relating to opinion polls and statistics based on the week's news.

star 8.78
871 votes
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#3 - Skins

Fast-paced and full of angst-ridden fun, this British drama may be based on teenage characters and aimed at a teenage audience, but its content is strictly adult. Watch as eleven teens struggle with highly-charged issues of race, religion, sexuality, drugs, and food disorders. With a solid set of good actors, expect the drama to consist of a lot of well-played emotional ups and downs.

star 8.62
6,504 votes
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The Inbetweeners

#4 - The Inbetweeners

A series about four hopelessly awkward or ignorant teenagers growing up in suburbia. Basically, they just want to get laid. Previously enrolled at a private school where he picked up some snobbish tendencies, Will (Simon Bird) now attends a public school and desperately latches on to a new set of friends, Simon (Joe Thomas), Jay (James Buckley) and Neil (Blake Harrison), none of whom are that cool.

star 8.50
4,561 votes
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#5 - Misfits

A group of teenagers are sentenced to community service for past mistakes only to find their lives changed after a storm gives them strange new powers and new problems to overcome.

star 8.27
11,274 votes
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#6 - Crazyhead

Amy and Raquel attempt to navigate their way through the choppy waters of their early twenties whilst simultaneously kicking the ass of some seriously gnarly demons. What could possibly go wrong?

star 7.42
567 votes
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#7 - PhoneShop

Sutton High Street. Around here, the rules are simple: shift units, make money, smash targets - and nobody knows that better than the staff of PhoneShop. But after losing his biggest sales weapon, Little Gary Patel, to Her Majesty’s pleasure, Store Manager Lance is worried. New recruit and Lance’s last hope Christopher is on the notorious one-day trial. Will he make his first sale by 6pm and secure the job, or will he be yet another victim on the vicious 'retail battlefield'? Hopefully his commercial comrades, Ashley, Jerwayne and Janine, can help him out.

star 7.40
326 votes
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Chewing Gum

#8 - Chewing Gum

The life of Tracey and the mishaps of her neighbourhood, friends and family.

star 7.38
550 votes
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