The BEST ATRESplayer Premium Shows

The top 8 shows on ATRESplayer Premium


#1 - Veneno

Adored for her charisma and her free, explicit and fun way of expressing herself, La Veneno gained popularity thanks to her television appearances in the 90s. However, her life and especially her death remain an enigma. Venom is a series that tells, through a relentless heroine, the history of LGBTQ reality in Spain, from the 1960s to the present day. It is the story of a woman fighter and a very local story, whose incredible life and universal values, with which people from all over the world can be identified, make her a series of global interests.

star 8.46
1,428 votes
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Drag Race España

#2 - Drag Race España

After much anticipation, international award winning RuPaul’s Drag Race finally arrives in Spain in the form of Drag Race España. Spanish Drag superstar Supremme Deluxe presides as ten of Spain's most talented queens compete over eight gruelling episodes to be crowned Spain's first Drag Race Superstar.

star 8.15
68 votes
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Physics or Chemistry: The Reunion

#3 - Physics or Chemistry: The Reunion

The old classmates of the Zurbaran school reunite in the wake of a secret that they all kept and has greatly affected their lives.

star 7.61
126 votes
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Toy Boy

#4 - Toy Boy

A thriller that tells the story of Hugo, a stripper who, thanks to his youth and attractiveness, had managed to lead a carefree life. Everything was twisted for him when, after an excessive night party, he wakes up in a sailboat next to the corpse of his lover's husband, Macarena, which will take him to jail. After seven years in prison, he meets Triana, a young lawyer who, on behalf of hidden and powerful interests, gets his provisional release.

star 7.49
642 votes
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The Cook of Castamar

#5 - The Cook of Castamar

Madrid, 1720. Clara Belmonte arrives in Castamar fleeing a painful past to work in the palace kitchen. The death of her father accused of betrayal of her has disrupted her life plans and has made her ill with agoraphobia. The young woman takes refuge in the kitchen to survive and turns her work into her great passion. Her hopes, her illusions and the conviction that we will all be the same when we all eat the same, spill onto her plates. In the Palace, she cooks for Diego, Duke of Castamar. Widowed and with a bleak past, which Clara's arrival changes life. Little by little they realize that they are in love. The difference in classes is the main obstacle for them to be together. But not the only one.

star 7.42
86 votes
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Stolen Away

#6 - Stolen Away

Antonio and Inma lost their little daughter, after ten years since her disappearance, they still have no trace of the girl. Antonio is jailed for trying to cross the Colombian border after having ingested several balls of cocaine, but that is only the beginning of a whole plan to find his daughter alive.

star 7.10
312 votes
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The Barrier

#7 - The Barrier

One family’s fight for survival in a future dystopian Madrid illustrates the disparity between two worlds separated by a fence — and so much more.

star 7.09
257 votes
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El nudo

#8 - El nudo

The friendship between two middle-aged couples is in jeopardy when one of them dies in a supposed "car accident".

star 6.82
33 votes
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