Voltron: Defender of the Universe

#1 - The Traitor

Season 2 - Episode 5

As the ep opens, Zarkon berates Haggar for their most recent failures. He blames the witch for making him look foolish, and she has the stones to reply with Thats not hard. Bwahahaha! Score one for the wart queen. She goes on to theorize that they've been losing so badly because the Robeasts have been weak after Voltron laid waste to their old Lazon factory on satellite Nuklon (referring to events in episode 45, One Princess to Another). Haggar reveals she's discovered a planet Zarkon's scouts have overlooked and that it's full of Lazon.

#2 - The Captive Comet

Season 1 - Episode 39

Haggar tells Zarkon the story of the Omega Comet, which is mysterious in that it behaves like a black hole by sucking everything it passes up with its massive gravitational pull. Voltron at one time had stashed the comet away into a far corner of the universe where nobody could find it - until now. With Romelle on deck to witness it, the Doomies send the coment on a course for Arus. Romelle manages to get a warning call out to the Castle of Lions about the Comet and of course Coran knows exactly the danger they face in the path of the comet.

#3 - Dinner and a Show

Season 2 - Episode 1

The people on Pollux are enjoying their hard-earned peace when suddenly! Doom ships appear and out comes a new foe, Cossack the Terrible, to terrorize the peasants. A young boy is sent to warn Sven as Cossock rounds up villagers to take as slaves. Meanwhile, Sven expresses his decision to not re-join the Voltron Force in favor of staying there with Romelle. Bandor then teases Romelle and Sven about being in love. The messenger boy shows up. Sven and Bandor ride off on horseback to confront Cossack while Romelle goes to warn the Voltron Force.

#4 - The Stolen Lion

Season 1 - Episode 8

The Princess is undergoing rigorous training in her Lion, fighting with Lance's Lion as if it's a real battle after taking a hard hit from one of his assaults, the Blue Lion plummets toward earth in a tail spin. She is saved, not by any of the VF rushing to aid her in their Lions, but by the tractor beams from a ship piloted by a mysterious stranger.

#5 - A Ghost and Four Keys

Season 1 - Episode 3

Angered by Yurak's failures, Zarkon tasks his evil witch Haggar to send a robeast to Planet Arus, in hopes of capturing the five space explorers who escaped him and destroy what was left of any hopes to resurrect Voltron. Haggar sends her best robeast to Arus. On Arus, the newly formed Voltron Force watches helplessly as Yuraks forces attack Arus, while Coran reluctantly keeps the secret of the Lion ships to himself. Pidge decides to head out by himself to see exactly how near Yurak's forces are getting to the castle. Coran then reveals that the only way to activate the slumbering machines, is to locate the 5 mystic keys that can operate them. To Allura's surprise, he tells them that the keys were entombed with her father, the late King Alfor. Together, the members along with the Princess, make their way to the where King Alfor is entombed, and upon etnering the crypt, King Alfor's ghost makes his presence known to them. He shares with them his appreciation that five young strangers are willing to devote their lives to the protection of Arus. Unfortunately, to their dismay, only four keys are found with King Alfor, meaning that Voltron can't be formed, since the key to the Black Lion is missing. Reluctantly, the team take the four lions ships; Blue, Red, Yellow and Green , hoping to thwart the forces of Yurak. They are able to take out the many robot fighter ships and troops, but when Haggar's robeast finally lands on the planet, they soon realize that they are not prepared to handle a fight of this magnitude. Coran and the Princess watch in horror, as their new friends were easily defeated by the meanacing robeast.

#6 - A Pretty Spy

Season 1 - Episode 9

Hunk finds a young, injured girl with one of Zarkon's slave tatoos on her arm. Determining that she's alive, he takes her back to the Castle to get medical help.

#7 - Escape to Another Planet

Season 1 - Episode 2

After escaping from Planet Doom aboard a stolen slave ship, the five space explorers are chased to Planet Arus by Yurak's forces. Crash landing on the worn torn planet, the five youn men find themselves unwelcomed by the citizens, who are afraid of what will happen to them. The slowly make their away across the desert to the ruined castle, in hopes that they will be able to find the secret to the legend of Voltron. There, they are greeted by Coran, the Castle Magistrate, who relates to them, the story of how Arus was once a beautiful planet within the Diamond Galaxy, and thusly destroyed by King Zarkon's forces. He however, looks over the young Princess Allura, the last survivor of the royal family and daughter to King Alfor, the man who created Voltron. The five space explorers vow to help resurrect the fallen robot defender and to help protect Arus against King Zarkon's forces. With Yurak adamant on finding them, Coran tells them of the locations of each Lion robot, in hopes that they will uncover secret to join them together to form Voltron

#8 - Surrender

Season 1 - Episode 11

A young girl named Tammy gets separated from her mother, and Pidge does his best to comfort her.

#9 - The Missing Key 7.75

Season 1 - Episode 4

Zarkon is angered that both Yurak and Haggar have failed in their attempts to bring back the escaped space explorers from Planet Arus. Haggar reassures Zarkon, that her robeast will be able to destroy the Voltron Force before they are able to find the missing key to the Black Lion. Pidge, slowly makes his way back to the Castle of Lions, where Coran and Princess Allura are worried that the five young men have just risked their lives in a failed attempt to bring back the legendary defender. On his return, Pidge makes his way back to the control room where Coran delivers the bad news. However, hope returns when Keith, Hunk, Lance and Sven recover from their ordeal and return to the castle. Still, the key to the Black Lion is still missing, so they make one last attempt to find it. Upon returning to King Alfor's tomb, they discover that there was a small mouse hole in the stone coffin. Pidge suggests that they capture the space mice he ran into earlier, in hopes of discovering the location of the missing key. They capture the four mice, and decide to question them about the whereabouts of the key they took. Allura however, interrupts them, asking them to let her friends go, revealing that the mice were the only creatures that gave her comfort in her years of being alone. On their suggestion, Allura questions her friends and learn that they took the key because they thought it was pretty. Making a deal, they release the mice, and they return with the key to the Black Lion. Just in time, the Voltron Force then launch to confront Haggar's robeast. The robeast puts up a great fight, and prevents them from forming Voltron, but on their second attempt, they are able to break free from the robeast attack and form the legendary defender. By forming the Blazing Sword, they are able to destroy the robeast.

#10 - A Ghost of a Chance

Season 2 - Episode 13

Nobody on Doom knows exactly where Merla is from, and nobody really listens to Haggar when she insists Merla has mental powers of persuasion. Right on cue, Merla gets inside Zarkon's head, convincing him to put her in charge of conquering Arus. Merla takes Zarkon, Lotor, Cossack and Haggar inside her ship to show them her quarks - charmed quarks even (don't ask). Cossack and Haggar are skeptical that such things exist and Merla dares them to call her bluff by inviting Cossack to step inside one of the contraptions. Cossack is transported to another dimension and brought back, making a believer of Zarkon. Cossack is angry he got duped and both he and Haggar worry about the advantage Merla has over them with her mental abilities. Haggar already knows, for instance, that Merla has been tapping into Allura's dreams and worries about what she may have learned.

#11 - The Witch Gets a Face Lift

Season 1 - Episode 13

Haggar ventures to Arus once more, another diabolical plot brewing under that burlap-looking cowl of hers. Next thing we know, a strange bird lands inside a room in the Castle where the boys on the Voltron Force are hanging out. With a whistle, Pidge charms the critter into perching on his shoulder. Then, Nanny is seen chasing after Allura as she rushes to the control room. Her hurry was to get the news the bird was carrying - which was that her Aunt Orla was coming to visit.

#12 - Enter Merla: Queen of Darkness

Season 2 - Episode 12

Zarkon is joining with more allies again, gaining a new armada and teaming up with Queen Merla. Zarkon eludes to having a very special trick up his sleeve.

#13 - Little Buddies

Season 2 - Episode 7

This one opens, claiming the VF are returning from their adventures on Zall ep. 57 and Mirra ep. 58, when Hunk veers offcourse nevermind that in ep 58, the team launched from Arus!. He recognizes something - a nebula in the Azure quadrant he'd been by years ago. It seems Hunk had rescued some kids on a planet near there years ago, considering them his little buddies. The team urges Hunk to go for a return visit without them. He agrees. But, Lance picks up a signal that Doom ships are about and so the remaining team decides to stick around in case Hunk gets ambushed and whatnot.

#14 - Who Was That Masked Man?

Season 2 - Episode 8

At the castle on Pollux, Bandor is signalling Sven with some flags. Sven lives in a little cottage across the way, and the flags are to tell him there's been a crash - of a ship with space gremlins. Romelle is preoccupied in the hopes that Sven is okay, and Bandor teases her about it.

#15 - Bridge over the River Chozzerai

Season 1 - Episode 16

Allura was going to be taking part in a reinactment of a love story, and had to choose someone to play the part of the man.

#16 - Secret of the White Lion

Season 1 - Episode 10

Seeing a vision of a white lion, Allura is compelled to follow it. She follows the creature to a waterfall, believing it is her father reincarnated.

#17 - Take a Robot to Lunch

Season 2 - Episode 9

This one takes place on Caspia, the most beautiful planet in the Cerulean quadrant. Cossack, Lotor and Haggar traveled out there for a lone robot. One that could lay waste to an army of regular doom robots. Their plan is to use these super robots to conquer Arus.

#18 - Doom Girls on the Prowl!

Season 2 - Episode 15

On Arus, a parade is going on complete with floats containing statues of all the important people like a dead king, a princess and an advisor...but no statues of the voltron force save for Keith. This doesn't sit well with the other four guys. Merla sits on Zarkon's throne plotting her next move on Arus. Haggar tries to sneak a mini-spider robeast in to attack Merla but her vulture pet comes to the rescue, giving Haggar a bitter taste of her own medicine. To keep Merla from putting her little robeast in the cosmotron - that contraption that makes stuff disappear - Haggar promises to help Merla defeat Voltron.

#19 - Space Explorers Captured 7.93

Season 1 - Episode 1

The Planet Arus has been under attack by the ruthless King Zarkon for many years. Responding to a call for help, Galaxy Garrison sends a team of five young space explorers, Keith, Lance, Sven, Hunk and Pidge, hoping they could reach the devastated planet, in hopes to offer help. However, they are captured by Yurak before they could land on the beautiful planet. Knowing that they would be used as entertainment for the citizens of Doom in Haggar's Robeast arena, they work out an escape plan, to find a way out of the Doom Castle and a way to get back to Arus. Hunk's brute strength and Pidge's agility, they are able to break out of their meager cell and hijack a Doom Slave ship. Pursued by Doom Robot fighters, the five explorers managed to reach Planet Arus. They then recall a legend of a mighty robot, named Voltron that once stood and fought against the forces of Doom. Though defeated, whe King Zarkon's witch, Haggar disguised herself as a beautiful goddess, then split the giant defender into five lion ships, sending the robot lions crashing to Arus' surface. The five explorers then vow to find a way of learning the secret to Voltron, in hopes to resurrect the mighty robot, and save Arus from the forces of King Zarkon.

#20 - No Muse Is Good Muse

Season 2 - Episode 18

On Doom, Haggar has developed another of her unstoppable robeasts. But this time she tests it on a Voltron clone she built, and shows Merla how the Robeast is able to handle Voltron's best defenses, including his blazing sword. Zarkon is out of the loop on this one, and Merla can't wait to defeat Voltron without him.

#21 - The Deadly Flowers

Season 1 - Episode 22

Seedlings flutter down from the sky to Arus, leaving beautiful and fragrant blooms. Arusians frolick in the fields of flowers and even Allura dances about with some blossoms the space mice brought her.

#22 - The Invisible Robeast

Season 1 - Episode 26

The gist of this one is implied pretty well by the title - Zarkon and Co. send an invisible Robeast to Arus to take care of the Voltron Force. Coming back in a carriage after a day of picking fruit, Allura, Nanny, Lance and Pidge and some space mice are caught offguard when the invisible Robeast attacks. It overturns their carriage into a nearby lake - luckily, all are able to escape a watery fate. But before Allura can climb out of the lake, the Robeast picks her up and carries her away. After a few well placed laser blasts from Pidge's pistol, the Robeast drops Allura. However, it's not done with them. Hiding near a bluff, they're shocked to find a bolder the Robeast threw barreling toward them. Fortunately, the others at the Castle caught an inkling of what was going on and so the boulder harmlessly ends its journey on the back of Black Lion.

#23 - It Takes Real Lions

Season 1 - Episode 23

On Doom, Lotor is training a menacing new Robeast by having it attack creatures that resemble the Voltron Lions. While back on Arus, the Voltron Force follows up their own rigorous training exercise with a relaxing dip in the lake (This is also where the famous Allura-loses-her-bikini-top scene is located heh heh). Coran and Nanny promptly charge outside and end their fun but not without giving the Princess a lecture about how un-royal it is of her to prance about with barely a stitch of clothing on. Furthermore, they declare she should be doing something more appropriate to her station - like studying.

#24 - Lotor, My Hero?

Season 2 - Episode 17

On Doom, Merla is doling out shoulder massages to Zarkon (a little FIL kink, eh?) and it seems Haggar is jealous. She reminds Zarkon about when she was just as young and beautiful - though it was more than 1,000 years ago - as well as reminds him of all her evil deeds in those years. Zarkon is unimpressed given Voltron is still a thorn in his side.

#25 - Magnetic Attraction

Season 1 - Episode 29

This one has that amusing sequence where the Voltron Force is honing their hand-to-hand combat skills and Allura lays the smackdown on Lance. Depsite how tough she is, Allura's still no match for Nanny's and Coran's combined anal retention. In yet another instance of same-ish plot recycling, Allura is hauled off to do more Princess-worthy activities.