The Kids in the Hall

#1 - #501 7.33

Season 5 - Episode 1

Idiot Boy: Assistant, Cops: Interrogation 1, Feelyat, Cops: Interrogation 2, Catching Up, Martyr, Cops: Interrogation 4, The Beard Skits: - Idiot Boy at Work: Idiot Boy is causing problems at work - Police Department: 10:00 a.m. Precinct House - Did you kill that guy? - You've Gained Weight: woman with eating disorder discusses weight problems - Police Department: 6:00 p.m. Precinct House - Did you kill that guy? - Feelyat!: bizarre foreign-language game show (& news bulletin) - Brian's Been Arrested: Fran tells how Brian was arrested - Police Department: 11:00 p.m. Precinct House - Did you kill that guy? - The Beard: Man's beard takes over his life

#2 - #221

Season 2 - Episode 21

Sketches: Fact #1: Episode 213 - Stars- Bruce - Recurring Characters- It's a Fact Girl - In short- Her uncle Tony can spit really far. Headcrusher - Rival: Episode 217 - Stars- Kevin, Mark - Recurring Characters- Mr. Tyzik aka "The Headcrusher" - In short- There can be only one. Off Swingin': Episode 201 - Stars- n/a - Recurring Characters- n/a - In Short- The most handsome man in the world. Daddy Drank: Episode 209 - Stars- Dave, Kevin - Recurring Characters- n/a - In Short- A story about how Daddy drank. The Affair: Episode 214 - Stars- Bruce, Kevin, Mark, Scott - Recurring Characters- Darrill - In short- Story of the secret affair. Fact #2 - Queen's ABC's: Episode 211 - Stars- Scott - Recurring Characters- It's a Fact Girl, Queen - In short- The Queen sings her ABCs. The Doctor: Episode 201 - Stars- Dave - Recurring Characters- Bad Doctor - In short- He's not boosting, he's just stating a fact. A Little Something: Episode 203 - Stars- Bruce, Scott - Recurring Characters- Don - In short- Executive has cucumber salad on face. Fact #4 - Neighbors: Episode 213 - Stars- n/a - Recurring Characters- It's a Fact Girl - In short- Her neighbors have been in love for forty-five years. First Time: Episode 215 - Stars- Kevin, Mark - Recurring Characters- Melanie - In short- Melanie has her date over in her parent's bedroom. Girls Of Summer: Episode 202 - Stars- Dave, Bruce, Kevin, Mark, Scott - Recurring Characters- Buddy Cole, Shona, Patty - In short- Buddy manages the Sappho Sluggers.

#3 - #103 8.70

Season 1 - Episode 3

Gunslinger II, Gorilla, Hey Man, Citizen Kane, Contact Lenses, Hey Man 2, Salty Ham, Hey Man 3 Sketches: - Gunslinger #2: Gunfighter that runs a concession stand. - Gorilla: Slapstick sketch about guys attacked by gorilla. - Hey Man #1: Man harassed by guys on the street - Citizen Kane: Two friends have a dispute about the name of a movie. - Contact Lenses: Story of a modern hero told by guy in an alley - Hey Man #2: Family harassed by guys continued. - Salty Ham: Gordon complains about Fran's salty ham. - Hey Man #3: Funeral goers harassed by guys concluded.

#4 - #202 6.50

Season 2 - Episode 2

Sketches: - Cops - O Canada: Our home and native land. - Trapper: The daily hunt begins. - Cabbage Head - Old Friends: Cabbage Head at it again. - It's Not Working Out #1: Chris is fired. - The Loner: ...And his toe. - It's Not Working Out #2: Chris is fired... again. - Simon & Hecubus: In the Pit of Ultimate Darkness. - It's Not Working Out #3: Chris is fired... one more time. - Girls Of Summer: Coach Buddy does it again.

#5 - #302

Season 3 - Episode 2

Skits: - Fag! (S)(3): guy coming out of house repeatedly called fag - Sleepwalking 1 (SDB)(3): Brian pretends to be sleepwalking (Fran, Gordon, Brian) - Dog Trainer (KD)(3): guy tries to train his useless dog - Relationship Section (BDK)(3): couples sits in relationship section of restaurant - Painting with Darryl (M)(3): Darryl on his show "Painting with the Inner Child with Darryl" (Darryl) - Sleepwalking 2 (SB)(3): ...later that same night (Fran, Gordon) - Girl Drink Drunk* (DK)(3): businessman addicted to girl drinks

#6 - #303

Season 3 - Episode 3

Skits: - Asleep on the Job (DS)(2): street worker asleep on the job - Bruce the Small Guy (BD)(3): Bruce wonders how tall he is - Stunned Father (K)(3): father stunned because wife left him -- "a whole lotta milk-a". - The "I Want a Raise" Guy 1 (KD)(3): comedy writer wants a raise - Gimmel-100 Salesmen (BMS)(3): money momentum guys sell Gimmel-100 organs (Money Momentum Guys) - The "I Want a Raise" Guy 2 (KD)(3): comedy writer wants a raise continued - Buddy's Bar -- Tammy the Pop Star (all)(3): Buddy discovers Tammy (Buddy, Tammy)

#7 - #504

Season 5 - Episode 4

God is Dead, New Boots, Fast Breakup, Hookers: Porno, Rockey, Hookers: Price List, Montreal 2, Dessert Skit: - God is Dead: newsreel footage of the death of God - New Boots: workers with steel-toed boots go to the job - Accelerated-Time Breakup: time accelerates whenever man leaves wife - Whores: new price list - Buddy's Bar: Buddy talks about Montreal - Whores: johns who can't pay - Dipping Areas: a restaurant kitchen discussion about the mousse dipping areas

#8 - #105

Season 1 - Episode 5

Indian Drum, Geralds, Crushing Disco 1, Good Grampa, Explore Scott, Are Extraterrestrials Dull?, Elvis, Crushing Disco 2 Sketches: - Indian Drum: Man screams about his lost indian drum - Geralds: Businessmen negotiate relationships. - Crushing Disco #1: Head crusher crushes heads outside a club. - Good Grandpa: Family at dinner talks about Grandpa's poo. - Explore Scott: Take a vacation on Scott's body. - Are Extraterrestrials Dull?: Exploration of the question ""Are Extraterrestrials Dull?"" - Elvis: Bruce wonders what it would be like if Elvis were his landlord. - Crushing Disco #2: Head crusher continued.

#9 - #305

Season 3 - Episode 5

Skits: - But First... (DMKB)(3): Businessmen -- "I'd like to begin the presentation, but first..." - Tanya the Temp Leaves (all)(3): Tanya the temp leaves the office (Cathy, Kathie, Tanya, Ms. Ferguson) - Open Letter to Wheel Stealer (B)(3): Bruce's open letter to the guy that stole his bike wheel - The Mouse (M)(3): story of a guy's conflict with a mouse (Tucker) - Open Letter to Wheel Stealer Watchers (B)(3): Bruce's open letter to the people who watched the guy steal his bike wheel - The Murder Trial (all)(3): guy lies on the stand to get away with murder - Scott Buying Beer (SB)(3): Scott wonders whether he should buy beer for some underage youth

#10 - #503

Season 5 - Episode 3

Hookers: Drum Up Business, How To, Just One Guy, Hookers: Rap Music, Por-eef, Jug Head, The Hit Skits: - Whores: drumming up business - Meet Your New Male Slave: Buddy gets a new male slave - Someone Doesn't Like You: man discusses a guy who doesn't like a friend - Whores: rap music - Poreef: Money-Momentum guys sell new product in a grocery store - The Tattoo: man reveals his deep hidden secret - The Hit: man hires hit man to kill himself

#11 - #206

Season 2 - Episode 6

Sketches: - Second Novel: "The Heavy Pen." - Baboon: Humanoids for Humanism help animals. - Hair Loss: A man loses his hair in a restaurant. - Conversation: The amicable breakup turns nasty. - Buddy - Wood Nymph: Buddy spots a wood nymph. - Anecdote Guy: Good night! I'm joking! - Groovy Teacher: Theo the cool teacher confides to his class.

#12 - #204

Season 2 - Episode 4

Sketches: - Nutty Bunnies: Nutty bunnies frolic in a field. - Queer Nation: Buddy talks about who is gay. - Cops - Uniform: Proper Uniforms. - Excellent Dinner: Darryl on a Date. - Cops - Stance: The proper way. - The Parrot: A man with nagging wife and parrot. - Cops - Naked: Naked through the woods. - Customer: Man who wanted his bill five minutes ago. - On The Run: The Cops chase some escaped convicts.

#13 - #104

Season 1 - Episode 4

Deja Vu, Asshole, The Daves I Know, Menstruation, House Rules, The Dinner, Sick of the Swiss, Country Doctor Sketches: - Deja Vu: Guys fighting in alley, one gets deja vu - Asshole: Rude guy ruins some friends' evening out. - The Daves I Know: Bruce sings about the Daves he knows. - Menstruation: Dave talks about menstruation. - House Rules: Man fighting with wife demands to be let into the house. - The Dinner: Timmy tries to console his mother & father. - Sick Of The Swiss: The guy who is sick of the Swiss. - Country Doctor: The leisurely country doctor comes to save the farmer.

#14 - #101 7.97

Season 1 - Episode 1

Call Girls, The Eradicator, Ballet, Crushing Your Head Part 2, Cause of Cancer, Pear, Kathie and the Blues Guy, Crushing Your Head Part 3 Sketches: - Call Girls: Two girls call each other simultaneously. - The Eradicator: The masked squash player. - Ballet: The cruel ballet school teacher. - Head Crusher #2: The head crusher crushes businessmen's heads. - Cause Of Cancer: The Kids discover the cause of cancer. - Pear: Man wakes up from the pear dream. - Kathie The Blues Guy: Kathie & Mississippi Gary talk about their relationship. - Head Crusher #3: Head crusher continued.

#15 - #406

Season 4 - Episode 6

Skits Radio - Stars- Kevin, Mark - Recurring Characters- New Yorkers - In short- The guy's singing bothers his friend. Big Bats - Stars- Bruce - Recurring Characters- Kathie - In short- Kathie becomes a fan of the happy chirpy Blue Jays team. Apartment Games 1 - Stars- Bruce, Mark - Recurring Characters- Losers - In short- They toss beer bottles into their kitchen sink. Door-to-Door Knife Sharpener - Stars- Dave, Kevin - Recurring Characters- Axe Murderer - In Short- Axe Murderer needs his blade sharpened during a murder. Progress in Food - Stars- Dave, Bruce, Scott - Recurring Characters- Fran, Gordon, Brian - In Short- Fran learns about salsa, peanut sauce, and meals in a pill. Apartment Games 2 - Stars- Bruce, Mark - Recurring Characters- Losers - In Short- They bounce rubber balls in their bathtub. Forced Date - Stars- Dave, Bruce, Kevin, Mark, Scott - Recurring Characters- n/a - In short- Two people are forcibly introduced

#16 - #505

Season 5 - Episode 5

Lesbian & Gay Pride, Waiter With Stumps For Hands, Squealin', Gavin: Leaking, Protest, Good to Cry 2, Drag Queens & Leather People, Sounds Skit: - Steps: gay pride day - Stump Hand Waiter: the waiter with stumps for hands - Butt Freak Film Buff: the guy who likes a certain type of movie scene - Gavin at the Police Department: Gavin registers a complaint at the police department - Steps: gay pride day continued - Guy Who Consoles People in Hospital: the guy who consoles crying people in the hospital - Steps: gay pride day continued - Evan the Stereo Salesman: Evan the intense stereo salesman

#17 - #207

Season 2 - Episode 7

Sketches: - Lady Is A Tramp #1: A man tries to befriend a whore. - Meet The Geralds: Gerald is in a slump - I'm English: Thinks everyone should speak English. - Lady Is A Tramp #2: Man proposes to the Lady. - Painting A Chair: Gavin pesters a guy painting a chair. - The Lack-O-Trust Blues: Philanderer sings a song in a western bar. - Lady Is A Tramp #3: Lady is a Tramp 30 years later.

#18 - #102 7.90

Season 1 - Episode 2

Thirty Helens 1, Sketch Comedy, Thirty Helens 2, Cabbage Head, Restaurant, Tractor, Sarcastic Guy, Buddy's Better, Thirty Helens 3, Womyn Sketches: - Thirty Helens Agree #1: "Love hurts." - Sketch Comedy: A comedy premise. - Thirty Helens Agree #2: "Honesty is the best policy." - Cabbage Head Restaurant: Cabbage Head goes on a date. - Tractor: Impromptu tractor formed with children. - Sarcastic Guy: The guy who can't help being sarcastic. - Buddy's Better: Buddy discusses the races. - Thirty Helens Agree #3: "You can't pay too much for a good pair of shoes." - Womyn: The guys discuss the ways they want to be like women.

#19 - #307

Season 3 - Episode 7

Skits: - Live with Mom or Dad? (MDBS)(3): kid has to decide who to live with - Pit of Ultimate Darkness on a Date (KDB)(3): Pit of Ultimate Darkness has a date in a restaurant (Pit of Ultimate Darkness) - Bruce Lookalike 1 (BD)(3): the guy who thinks he looks like Bruce - Crazy Guy in Waiting Room (SM)(3): crazy guy mocks people in a waiting room - Why Did They Have to Take the Word "Gay"? (M)(3): lady wonders why gays had to use the word "gay" - Bruce Lookalike 2/Dad Died -- Call Mom (KBMD)(3): brothers are told their dad died and they quibble over change (Doctor) - I've Been Kidnapped (all)(3): Danny Husk reads the paper to discover that he has been kidnapped (Danny Husk, White-Haired Criminal)

#20 - #108

Season 1 - Episode 8

Ping Pong, The Vacation, Ping Pong 2, Chain Gang, The Banker Doesn't Like Us, Dinosaurs, Ping Pong 3, Tony Comes to Dinner, The Banker Doesn't Like Us 2 Sketches: - Ping Pong #1: The annoying ping pong watcher's commentary. - The Vacation: The family blowout before the trip. - Ping Pong #2: The annoying ping pong watcher. - Chain Gang: Guy from the chain gang is recognized in a restaurant. - Banker Doesn't Like Us #1: The ""Nobody Likes Us"" Guys try to get a loan. - Dinosaurs: Buddy talks about dinosaurs' bad manners - Ping Pong #3: The annoying ping pong watcher. - Tony Comes To Dinner: White girl brings home a black boyfriend to meet her parents. - Banker Doesn't Like Us #2: The ""Nobody Likes Us"" Guys continued.

#21 - #408

Season 4 - Episode 8

Hookers - Rich Guy • Gavin - Religion • Try it NOW! • Just Terrific • Hookers - Puppet • Coincidence • Listening In • Hookers - New Coke • Thanksgiving

#22 - #508

Season 5 - Episode 8

555-SLUT (none): gross guy's phone sex ad • Chicken Lady at the Mall (DMSB)(5): Chicken Lady masturbates at the mall (Chicken Lady) • Old People (B)(5): Bruce monologue about old people • Office Joker Revenge (MKB)(5): man wants to get revenge against office joker • 555-SLUT (none)(5): gross guy's phone sex ad • Exercise Class Instructors (MBS)(5): exercise class teachers have a fight • 555-SLUT (D)(5): friend-of-gross-guy's phone talk ad • Embarrasing Dinner (KSDM)(5): man's companion snorts coke at dinner (Smitty)

#23 - #309

Season 3 - Episode 9

Skits: - Old Lady Falls Down (SKMB)(3): old lady falls down, man takes her oranges (Police Department) - Psychic Artist (DK)(3): Dave's draws a person he has never seen, based only on the sound of his voice - Gavin's Love (all)(3): Gavin falls in love with his babysitter (Gavin, Gavin's mother) - Mr. Heavyfoot Puts on his Pants* (DK)(3): (Mr. Heavyfoot) - Buddy's Bar -- Paris (S)(3): Buddy discusses his time in Paris (Buddy) - Street Singers 1 (BM)(3): the street singers sing on the street (Street Singers) - Mr. Heavyfoot Hates the Movie* (D)(3): (Mr. Heavyfoot) - Street Singers 2 (all)(3): the street singers in their home (Street Singers)

#24 - #509

Season 5 - Episode 9

Steps* -- Coming Out (DSK)(5): Steps guys discuss coming out to their parents (Steps) • Crab Shampoo (KM)(5): American in Canada wants crab shampoo • Obfuscator Boyfriend (DB)(5): man obfuscates about moving in together • Mr. Tisane's Tea Problem (KMD)(5): Mr. Tisane addicted to tea (Mr. Tisane) • Boiled Potatoes (MDSK)(5): a man has an idea for a new restaurant • Steps* -- Movie (KDSB)(5): Steps guys see Intimate Circumstances (Steps)

#25 - #310

Season 3 - Episode 10

Skits: - It's a Fact (-)(3): you can get blood from a stone - Wanna See a Dead Body? (SDBK)(3): man brings his girlfriend to see a dead body in a field (White-Haired Criminal) - Scott's Double 1 (all+P)(3): Scott's double starts misbehaving (Paul Bellini) - Businessmen (BM)(3): Gerald and Gerald talk on the phone (Gerald, Gerald) - Minimum Wage (B)(3): guy complains about minimum wage - Scott's Double 2 (all+P)(3): Scott's double continued - Stereo Bargaining (BD)(3): man bargains in a stereo store (Murray) - It's a Fact (-)(3): uncle lost his job and acts weird - Naval Captain (KSD)(3): the stupid ship captain - It's a Fact (M)(3): the "It's a Fact" girl bargains for more money (Murray)