Saturday Night Live

#1 - Bruce Willis/Neil Young

Season 15 - Episode 1

Sketches include ""George Bush,"" ""thirtysomething Cereal,"" ""Wayne's World,"" ""Phil Donahue,"" ""Anal-Retentive Carpenter,"" ""Johnny O'Connor,"" ""Sprockets,"" and ""Bruce Willis' Bluesy Commercial Jingles""

#2 - Alec Baldwin/Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

Season 35 - Episode 22

Sketches include "BP Oil Spill Cold Open," "Alec Baldwin Commencement Monologue," an SNL digital short: "Great Day," "Arizona Evenings," "Swim Team Awards," "Grady Wilson," "Timecrowave," "Some Big Shot" and "Snipers."

#3 - Steve Martin/Eric Clapton

Season 20 - Episode 1

Sketches include ""Clinton Auditions,"" ""The Ron Wood Show,"" ""Baseball Cruise,"" ""Steve Martin's All-Natural Penis Beauty Creme,"" and ""Bad Ad Campaign."" ""Court TV: O.J. Simpson Trial,"" ""Total Bastard Airlines,"" and ""The Better Baby."" Bathroom Monkey Commercial"", ""Weekend Update with Norm MacDonald"", ""Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey"", ""Leland-Meyers Home Headache Test Commercial"".

#4 - Michael Jordan/Public Enemy

Season 17 - Episode 1

Sketches include ""Wayne's World,"" ""Schmitt's Gay Beer,"" ""The First Black Harlem Globetrotter,"" ""Superfans,"" ""The Dark Side With Nat X,"" ""Zoraida""

#5 - (no host)/Rod Stewart, Tina Turner

Season 7 - Episode 1

Sketches include ""Our Age is Showing,"" ""The Little Richard Simmons Show,"" ""The Clams"" (film), ""Nuns on the Beach,"" ""A Few Minutes With Andy Rooney,"" ""Prose and Cons"" (film), ""The Khaddaffi Look,"" ""Ruth Deals With Rod,"" ""Andy Warhol,"" Juggling with Michael Davis, and ""Season of Glass"" (film).

#6 - Elliott Gould/Kid Creole and the Coconuts

Season 6 - Episode 1

Sketches include: Elliot Gould Discusses SNL's Glory Days, A Public Service Announcement: Highway Education, Jimmy Carter's Libido, Billy-Gram, What's It All About, Gail Matthius's Breast Exam, Nose Wrestling, The Accordian Killer, Speed Listening, The Rocket Report, Valley Girl Vicky, Heart to Heart, Gidget Goes To Hell, and Foot Fetish. Kid Creole and the Coconuts perform: ""Mr. Softee"" and ""There But For The Grace of God Go I""

#7 - Lily Tomlin/James Taylor 7.29

Season 2 - Episode 1

Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase Sketches include-- Big shot Lily Tomlin will do the show without rehearsing, "Debate 76", Legionnaire's Disease Outbreak, The Phone Company, "Women In Literature", Tess DiSenzo, The Antler Dance, Judith Beasley.

#8 - The Rolling Stones 8.57

Season 4 - Episode 1

Live from New York, it's Dan Aykroyd! Sketches include "Garrett Morris and the National Broadcasting Orchestra," "Mayor Koch Honors John Belushi," the commercial parody "Autoscent," Tomorrow, "Nerds Meet the Norge Refrigerator Repairman," "Olympia Restaurant #4," Tom Schiller's Sushi By the Pool, "Paul McCartney and John Lennon Reunion," "Danger Probe."

#9 - (no host)/Thompson Twins

Season 10 - Episode 1

Sketches include ""Lifestyles of Relatives of the Rich and Famous,"" ""Wheel of Fortune Interview,"" ""Grandpa Howard,"" ""Syncronized Swimming,"" ""First Draft Theater,"" ""Rich Hall's Election Report,"" and ""Olympics 1984."" Thompson Twins perform their hit ""Hold Me Now.""

#10 - Steve Martin/Jackson Browne

Season 3 - Episode 1

Live From New York, It's...Dan Aykroyd Sketches include--"Bert Lance National Express Card", "Kromega III", "Wild & Crazy Guys", "Mike McMack, Defense Lawyer", "Trinity 3000 Computer", "Great Moments In Rock & Roll", "Mr. U.S.A. Pageant", "Royal Deluxe II"

#11 - Reese Witherspoon/Alicia Keys

Season 27 - Episode 1

Live From New York, It's...Mayor Rudolph Giuliani Sketches include: ""9/11 Tribute"", ""Wake Up, Wakefield!,"" ""Preparation-H,"" ""The Little Mermaid,"" ""The Culps,"" ""Celebrity Jeopardy,"" ""Farting Baby,"" and ""Donatella Versace's Kids' Songs."" Alicia Keys performed ""Fallin'"" and ""A Woman's Worth."" Paul Simon performed ""The Boxer.""

#12 - Mariel Hemingway/Blues Traveler

Season 21 - Episode 1

Sketches include: ""OJ Today,"" ""Leg Up,"" ""The Taylors,"" ""Spade in America,"" ""Long Phone Call,"" ""Nightline,"" ""Biography"".

#13 - Jerry Seinfeld/David Bowie

Season 25 - Episode 1

Sketches include ""Ross Perot,"" ""Morning Latte,"" ""Mary Katherine Gallagher,"" ""Action 8 News Watch,"" ""Oz,"" and ""Alive or Dead?""

#14 - Chris Pratt/Ariana Grande 7.49

Season 40 - Episode 1

Host Chris Pratt; Ariana Grande performs.

#15 - George Carlin/Janis Ian & Billy Preston

Season 1 - Episode 1

Host George Carlin; Janis Ian; Billy Preston.

#16 - Tina Fey/Arcade Fire

Season 39 - Episode 1

Cold Open: Affordable Care Act Sketches: Airport, New Cast Member or Arcade Fire?, Cinema Classics, Manolo Blahnik Pretaped: Girls, E-Meth, Rick's Model T's

#17 - Miley Cyrus 6.75

Season 41 - Episode 1

#18 - Margot Robbie/The Weeknd 7.62

Season 42 - Episode 1

#19 - Norman Lear/Boz Scaggs 7.40

Season 2 - Episode 2

Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase (On telephone) Sketches include-- Gilda plans to do the fall, Jimmy Carter speaks on sexual performance in the White House, Chevy's Girls, Trial sitcom--"The Snakehandling O'Sheas", Joseph Franklin--The Metric Clock, Abusive Divorce Lawyer, Rhodesian Peace Talks.

#20 - Michael Phelps/Lil' Wayne

Season 34 - Episode 1

Live from New York, it's... Tina Fey and Amy Poehler! Sketches include "A Non-Partisan Message from Governor Palin and Senator Clinton," "Quiz Bowl," "Jar Glove," "Swim Team Pep Talk," "Stacia and Cousin Craig," "The Charles Barkley Show," "T-Mobile," "Space Olympics 3022" (Digital Short), "Mark Payne," and "The Michael Phelps Diet." Lil' Wayne performed "Got Money" (featuring Mack Maine) and "Lollipop."

#21 - Paul Simon/Simon & Garfunkel, Randy Newman, Phoebe Snow 6.74

Season 1 - Episode 2

Live from New York, It's...Chevy Chase Sketches include: "The Berkeley Collection of Grafitti Wallpaper," "Paul Simon vs.Connie Hawkins," The Bees Have Been Cut, and "The Mighty Favog," and "Try-Hard 1-11."

#22 - Alec Baldwin/Radiohead 8.12

Season 37 - Episode 1

Host Alec Baldwin; Radiohead performs "Lotus Flower" and "Staircase". Sketches include GOP Debate Cold Open, Red Flag, All My Children Wrap Party, Satellite Delay, Weekend Update with guest Tony Bennett, Who’s On Top, Top Gun 25th Anniversary DVD, Child Psychologist and Dying Wish.

#23 - Susan St. James/The Kinks

Season 7 - Episode 2

Sketches include ""McDonald & Wife,"" ""The Bizarro World,"" ""Buckwheat Sings,"" ""Skanky Fiancee,"" ""Cheap Laffs,"" and ""The Alan Alda Guide to Sensitivity."" The Kinks performed ""Destroyer"" and Christine Ebersole performed ""Single Bars and Single Women."" Also featured is an Anwar Sadat tribute film.

#24 - Eric Idle/Bob Dylan

Season 5 - Episode 2

Sketches include ""Eric's Sick,"" ""Hotel-Motel Art Fair,"" ""Mr. Howard's Shoe Store,"" ""Prince Charles Tells You How To Pick Up Girls!,"" ""Hardcore II,"" ""Heavy Sarcasm,"" and ""Ask Elvis."" Bob Dylan performs ""Gotta Serve Somebody,"" ""I Believe In You,"" and ""When You Gonna Wake Up.""

#25 - Chevy Chase/Sheila E.

Season 11 - Episode 2

Sketches include ""Smoky Hallway,"" ""Wacky Glue,"" ""Those Unlucky Andersons"", ""Ford and Reagan,"" ""The Pat Stevens Show,"" ""Pathological Liars Anonymous,"" ""Craig Sundburg-Idiot Savant,"" ""Trojans,"" ""The Blue, The Gray and The Yellow,"" ""Vlad the Impaler,"" ""Drums Drums Drums,"" and ""Jose Cuervo's Party School Bowl."" Sheila E. performed ""Hollyrock"" and ""A Love Bizarre.""