Red vs. Blue

#1 - Why Are We Here? 7.64

Season 1 - Episode 1

The first episode introduces five of the series' main characters. First introduced are Simmons and Grif as they ponder why they are in Blood Gulch, with a brief one-liner about Master Chief. The episode then cuts to Tucker and Church as they spy on Grif and Simmons and argue with each other over what the reds are doing. Back at the Red Base, Sarge interrupts the banter of Grif and Simmons and orders them down from the top of the base.

#2 - Red vs. Blue vs. Rooster Teeth

Season 14 - Episode 24

#3 - Rounding Error 8.60

Season 9 - Episode 1

The episode begins with Church giving another monologue which is repeatedly interrupted by Tucker's callings. Church goes to the cliff where Caboose and Tucker are already waiting to spy on the Reds who are making modifications to their warthog. As the Blues argue about what the modifications are, the Reds fire a rocket from "Chupathingy" at them. Church then hears Donut giving orders to Simmons, as if he was Sarge! Mad about how everything is so different he begins to go down to Red Base to set things straight saying "If we're gonna do this, it has to be done the right way or there's no point in doing it at all." The scene goes to many years earlier with the Director and the Counselor arguing.

#4 - Visiting Old Friends 8.56

Season 3 - Episode 2

In an unknown location, Wyoming, another freelancer, interrogates a soldier named Phil, but is interrupted by a phone call hiring him for another job. Meanwhile, still in Battle Creek, Sarge and Caboose steal the Red and Blue flags in an attempt to coerce the teams to help them find their way out. When that fails, Caboose recalls O'Malley's possession, unleashes his angry side, and single-handedly eliminates both teams. Simmons then retrieves them via a teleporter.

#5 - Reconstruction (2)

Season 6 - Episode 2

Agent Washington arrives at Blood Gulch and is greeted by some familiar faces.

#6 - Drink Your Ovaltine

Season 8 - Episode 2

As Sarge makes preparations to call Simmons to get his take on Epsilon Church's visions, Doc recovers and wakes up at the base with Simmons, who explains the details of Washington and the Meta to him. After hearing that Doc had experience with Omega previously, Washington tells him to examine the Meta, who is suffering from armor problems. Back in the desert, Sarge uses Epsilon Church to boost the Warthog's radio and contacts Simmons, but receives a forced message from him under Washington's supervision. Fortunately, using nothing more than his knowledge of his teammates and Simmons' communication, Sarge instantly deduces the situation at Valhalla. As he and Grif set off to rescue them, an intrigued Epsilon Church follows.

#7 - Everything Old Is New Again 8.33

Season 2 - Episode 1

Three months after Tex's second attack on the Red Base, Medical Officer DuFresne ("Doc") arrives in Blood Gulch and contacts Blue Command for orders. He reports to the Blue Team to treat Tex, who has already died.[2] Church explains this to Doc, noting how his and Tex's bodies are both buried in front of Blue base. More helpfully, Caboose conveniently recaps the first season, explaining that Church is actually a ghost possessing Lopez's robot body, which has since been spray-painted cobalt. Caboose has also apparently begun to habitually utter death threats to Tucker in a deep, menacing voice. With nobody injured, Doc, on loan to both armies due to a lack of resources, prepares to visit the Red Team next, but the Reds suddenly attack.

#8 - Room Zero

Season 14 - Episode 1

The Red vs. Blueniverse is filled with stories. This... is the first of many.

#9 - Don't Get Me Started 9.00

Season 7 - Episode 1

Sarge attempts to intimidate the Blues by announcing the Red's imminent attack. Grif reasons that killing Caboose would remove the point of waging war, as the Blue base has not received any reinforcements, and may never receive any. Sarge reconsiders the attack and contacts Command to ask for advice on dealing with the Blues. Meanwhile Grif confides in Simmons that he would rather stall the battle for years, and be facing one "shitty" enemy, than transferred to a new base and fighting five "real" enemies. Command brushes Sarge off, claiming not to know anything about a Blue team. Simmons recalls that the Reds had deleted the information on the Blues while at Command.

#10 - One-Zero-One 8.14

Season 11 - Episode 1

In an unknown location, Washington is heard creating a journal entry. Admitting that it has been a while since doing one, Wash decides to get up to speed: he recalls the corruption of Project Freelancer, its demise, his job as a Recovery agent, and Project Freelancer's misuse of the Reds and Blues as cannon fodder for their Freelancer agents. The only people Wash could trust was the Reds and Blues and together, they succeeded in bringing down Project Freelancer and the Director once and for all. Wash then mentions the fact that they became shipwrecked while on their way home, and fears that if help doesn't come soon, someone else may find them. Wash talks to the group - Comm tower S11 Finishing his entry, Wash hears the tank fire and sees that Sarge and Simmons are using it on their own base, with Grif still inside. Wash asks why Sarge has the tank, but quickly realizes Caboose gave it to the Reds. Sarge says that he's renovating their base, and also mentions the Blues' unfair advantage, due to the fact that their base lies under the crashed ship. Wash informs the group that they all need to ration their food supply, as they need to repair a communications dish to call for help before they run out of food. Afterwards, Caboose and Wash take the tank back to their base, in order to have a word with Tucker.

#11 - Hunting Time

Season 4 - Episode 2

In Blood Gulch, the Red Team takes potshots at Grif with their sniper rifles in order to get him to stop screaming. Grif eventually relents, and the team prepares to investigate their old base. Sarge gives a speech about alertness, completely unaware that Sheila is roaming around behind him. Meanwhile, the Blues prepare to hunt the Alien that scared Church. When asked about the Alien's whereabouts, Andy proves unhelpful, merely offering insults instead. Suddenly, the Blues spot the Alien, causing them to fire wildly and run away in panic - with the exception of Caboose, who simply asks, "Did we win?". The episode ends with Andy laughing and mocking the sudden retreat.

#12 - Revenants 9.11

Season 10 - Episode 1

As York and his A.I., Delta, attempt to pick a lock, Caboose and Sarge bring Epsilon up to date on recent events that led up to his escape.

#13 - Red Gets a Delivery 7.63

Season 1 - Episode 2

Sarge reveals the new jeep that has just arrived from Command and that a new recruit will be arriving soon. This serves as the introduction of the Warthog; Grif suggests calling it a Puma, as he does not think it looks much like a warthog. This episode reveals Sarge's disdain for Grif and Simmons' sycophantic nature toward Sarge. Meanwhile, on the cliff, Tucker and Church discuss the new vehicle and the tank they're to receive, with Tucker upset that "you can't pick up chicks in a tank".

#14 - Get Your Tucks in a Row

Season 11 - Episode 2

Wash and Caboose leave for Blue base to confront Tucker. Meanwhile, the Reds discuss a dilemma about their base.

#15 - The Twins 8.72

Season 9 - Episode 2

The episode begins where the last one left off, with the Director and the Counselor discussing the system. The view then goes to two UNSC soldiers patrolling. One of the soldiers is killed causing the other to look for him and panic. When he finds him Agent South kills him. North and South start talking which turns to arguing about turning South's motion sensors on. South then sneaks into the main part of the base and sneaks past a dozen guards. She begins to download data but as that happens a soldier bringing coffee walks in on her. He goes for the alarm only to be shot but his body lands on the alarm. South takes the data and runs out of the facility. North does the same and they meet up in front of the helipad. As they go into the helipad they are surrounded by guards.

#16 - Best Laid Plans

Season 3 - Episode 1

Donut tries to coax an injured Tucker into getting up, conveniently providing a recap of the end of the previous season in the process. Sarge and Caboose find themselves in Battle Creek, in the midst of perpetually respawning Red and Blue soldiers ("Grunts"), who engage in a complex action sequence that lampoons multiplayer game sessions in Halo. Meanwhile, Simmons is lost in a place full of teleporters (the Chiron TL34 map), and Grif and Church have been imprisoned by the Red Team on Sidewinder.

#17 - From Stumbled Beginnings

Season 14 - Episode 2

You never know who you'll meet in basic training.

#18 - Fight or Fright 8.29

Season 4 - Episode 3

Simmons tries to convince Sarge that he did see a tank behind him. Donut concurs, but Sarge disregards his testimony because he is "impressionable", and Grif simply denies it in order to make Simmons look bad. Meanwhile, the Blues insult each other over their previous panicked, wild fire attack on the alien. Tex decides to go in alone and dashes into the complex while the rest debate Church's heroism (or lack thereof). Upon entering the complex, Tex is immediately cut down and re-appears in ghost form. Back at Blood Gulch, Simmons and Donut get into a fistfight/hijacking match over the hovercraft, which Simmons wants to use to find the tank. Believing that Simmons has gone insane, Sarge promotes Grif to his "Number Two" man, but Grif quickly loses the position due to his laziness. On the Blue side, Tucker suggests that Caboose goes into the complex and speak to the alien. Church likes the idea because he and Tex could sneak in and retrieve their bodies while the Alien is chewing on Caboose. Caboose enters, sees Andy, and asks whether he has seen the Alien. As he finishes his sentence he sees the Alien's shadow on the ground.

#19 - Let's Get Together 8.73

Season 3 - Episode 3

O'Malley calls Vic and reveals his plot to eliminate both the Red and Blue Teams and to rule the universe. He also informs Vic that, to preserve Vic's secret, he has hired an assassin to kill Tucker, the only person who knows that Blue Command and Red Command are the same. Back in Blood Gulch, Tex tells Tucker that Wyoming, the assassin hired to kill him, is a freelancer from the same experimental program as Tex, and, like Tex, he had been enhanced with artificial intelligence. Still in the teleporter hub with Simmons and Caboose, Sarge contacts Donut to inform him of the "Blue plot" and that Tucker's idea that Red and Blue are the same is nothing but a deception. Wanting to help to find Church, Caboose unwittingly presses a button that activates the bomb in Church's robot body. On Sidewinder, Church consequently lets out a large belch, and his stomach begins to tick.

#20 - Red vs Bleu 8.18

Season 2 - Episode 3

The two teams negotiate terms. The Reds demand Lopez's return, but Church is loath to surrender his new body; instead, he cedes Doc as a hostage. In return, Grif is forced to publicly humiliate himself, to the delight of all, particularly Sarge.

#21 - The Rookies 8.00

Season 1 - Episode 3

At the Red Base, the new recruit, Donut, arrives. With Sarge at Command receiving orders, Grif and Simmons take the opportunity to haze Donut mildly, sending him "to the store" on a fool's errand for nonexistent supplies, such as elbow grease and headlight fluid. Meanwhile, the Blue Team receives two new additions: Private Caboose and a Scorpion-class tank. The end of the episode shows Donut approaching the Blue Base, mistaking it for the store.

#22 - Follow the Leader

Season 10 - Episode 3

As Carolina regroups the Reds and Blues, C.T. negotiates with the enemy. Meanwhile, the Freelancers travel to a new location, in order to locate the leader.

#23 - Upon Further Review

Season 8 - Episode 3

Doc informs Washington that the Meta is physically healthy, although having serious problems with his armor. In the desert, Tucker searches for the Reds and Epsilon Church, and guesses they must have taken off. Caboose warns Tucker not to say anything about Epsilon Church missing, as the aliens would become hostile if they knew he was gone. Meanwhile, Sarge arrives in Valhalla to help out Simmons and Doc, and attempts to lure Washington to the center of the canyon. Washington moves to out to intercept him after telling The Meta to kill the prisoners if Sarge caused him any problems. With Washington gone and the Meta distracted, Simmons and Doc plan to short circuit the Meta's suit using an overpowered charge on Doc's medical scanner. Washington confronts and disarms Sarge and demands to know where Epsilon is, but at Sarge's signal, Grif bursts through the canyon wall in the Warthog, landing on Washington and pinning him under the car. With the Warthog still moving at a high speed, Wash climbs from under the Warthog and onto the front, and attempts to shoot Grif. Grif slams on the brakes and Wash is thrown into the opposite cliff alongside explosive barrels as Sarge reclaims his shotgun. He fires at the barrels to ignite them, attempting (but failing) a one-liner, and Washington is engulfed in the resulting explosion. As the episode ends, the Meta sees the explosion and readies to execute Doc just as Doc charges his "scanner."

#24 - Barriers to Entry

Season 11 - Episode 3

Sarge lays down a few ground rules regarding his personal space, while Wash comforts a sad Caboose.

#25 - Head Noob in Charge 7.95

Season 1 - Episode 4

Church talks with Tucker about his girlfriend back home. Attempting to join the conversation, Caboose accidentally calls Church's girlfriend a "slut". In response, Church assigns him a bogus flag-guarding duty, instructing him to wait for the "General". Still mistaking the Blue base for a store, and not wanting to return empty-handed, Donut helps himself to the flag. Caboose, mistaking Donut for the "General" Church spoke of, happily allows this to happen.