Itazura na Kiss

#1 - Dangerous Cohabitation

Season 1 - Episode 2

Yes indeed, it is the reknown Irie-kun's house. After some small talk at breakfast Kotoko and Irie are pushed out the door by Irie's mother,and on to school they walk together! But not happily. Irie-kun soon shows how much he doesn't care for Kotoko-chan, or maybe how little he care for human decency! While riding the train Kotoko-chan get's pushed off at the wrong station by the crush of the crowd. When Kotoko frantically tries to get on the train, the doors close and Irie-kun watches as the train slowly pulls away from Kotoko-chan, leaving her with the only options of running to school or being late. When Kotoko-chan confronts him about his rudeness he simply says for her not to talk to him and that he hates absent-minded girls more than stupid ones! After dealing with all of Irie-kun's cold disdain, she decides to one up him in the upcomming exams. While studying at the house Irie-kun's mother shows Kotoko-chan pictures of Irie-kun's sister... what!?!? Irie-kun was dressed as a girl, and a cute one at that. With one cute picture in hand and a dasturdly plan she cohoces Irie-kun into becoming her tutor for the exams. On the condition that she make it into the top 50 sudents with the highest score, she 'll give the picture back. He grudgingly accepts and a truce is born. While studying the intense stressful attitude turns slowly into a less tense good natured bit of bullying. There are even a few times when they fall asleep charmingly after studying late into the night. On the way out the door Irie-kuns mother happily gives Kotoko-chan and good luck charm for the test and the two student head to school. Poor Kotoko-chan though, she clumsily misses the bus again, wait ... Irie-kun put his hand infront of the door this time. Something must really be changing. Irie-kun might have a soul. Also, as they walk to class he say's "good luck". the test is over, results are in, and Kotoko has made it at spot 50! She remember's the goodluck charm and opens it to find an uber cute picture of her and Irie-kun asleep while studying. Her friends find out and even though they promise not to tell about it, Irie-kun is teased about it somehow and angrily tells Kotoko-chan to stay out of his life!

#2 - Ill-Tempered Triangle

Season 1 - Episode 18

Kotoko is still learning the tricks and trades of becoming a nurse. Kotoko faints during an practice autopsy which results in Keita saving her. Naoki sees this and decides to confront Keita. Keita however strongly believes that Naoki treats Kotoko with no respect and ignores Naoki's words. Meanwhile Naoki's mother seems to notice that Keita is much more chivalrous to Kotoko than Naoki and decides to find out more about him. After gaining information from other students, Keita is just a nice guy and even Naoki's mother believes that even she would choose Keita over Naoki. The end of the episode shows Keita concerned about Kotoko going back to Naoki, and asking her to leave Naoki for her own good, as he believes Naoki does not love her.

#3 - Honeymoon Panic!

Season 1 - Episode 15

Now married, Kotoko and Naoki head off to Hawaii for their honeymoon. They soon become accquainted with fellow newlyweds Horiuchi Mary (Mari) and Takumi. Things start to get ugly when Mary decides to interfere with Kotoko and Naoki's relationship.

#4 - The Crucial Moment! Class F's Winter Battle

Season 1 - Episode 5

The final exams starts next week, and the results decide whether or not the F-class students make it into college. After having recieved prior assistance from Naoki with her and her friends' schoolwork, Kotoko is asked - commanded, rather - to get Naoki to tutor the whole of Class F so they can pass their finals.

#5 - Crazy For You

Season 1 - Episode 19

Irie-kun starts to ignore Kotoko due to being overly jealous of Keita, when Kotoko gets very fed-up of his behaviour she gets very upset and starts throwing books at him and saying that Keita was right Irie doesn't care about her and that Keita thinks about her more then Irie does and that Keita was serious, Irie slaps Kotoko, Kotoko yells that she's had enough and runs away, she ends up at Tomoko's house. Kotoko's dad talks to Irie about how things had been between him and Kotoko's late mother. The next day in the lunch room Keita talks to Kotoko asking her to live with him now that she's run away from home, when Kotoko declines Keita confesses that he is in love with Kotoko, and she should not go back to someone who does not love her, Kotoko tries to defend Irie but Keita questions if Irie came after her, and just as Kotoko is feeling like Keita is right, Irie runs in claiming Keita is wrong and that he was only being the way he was because he was feeling jealous of Keita, explaining that he (Irie) has never felt jealous or sad before so he didn't know what to do, he confesses that he can work through it all with Kotoko by his side, Kotoko still teary, questions Irie if its ok for her to be by his side, Irie smiles at her saying that's what he wants, Kotoko runs to him, the whole school breaks into cheers and congratlates them. Later, Irie is seen kissing Kotoko in their bedroom.

#6 - Trick of Fate

Season 1 - Episode 1

When young Kotoko-chan, in the unintelligent F-Class, places her heart on Irie-kun, the top ranked student from A-Class, is it all for naught but pain? She finally, after many years, collects her courage and confesses, only to be torn down. Irie-kun even goes so far as to say he hates stupid girls (meaning her), he doesn't even read her confession letter (which she poured her heart into so sweetly)! Will this one sided love continue in this adversity? And what's this, she already has an extremely passionate admirer, Kin-kun? Yet poor Kotoko-chan's day is not over. Tonight is the night she moves into her new house! Oh, the embarrassment though when a slight earthquake tiptoes through Tokyo, her house is the only one to have damage done. Oh, and how extensive it is! The house crumbles like a card pyramid. Now Kotoko-chan is without heart and home. Good thing her dad has a very hospitable friend that jumps at the opportunity to lend a hand to this family. But wait, his name is Irie-kun. It couldn't possible be that... They are staying at Irie-kun's house! What a twisted love chain it has become, and only the first episode!

#7 - Hearts Passing Each Other By

Season 1 - Episode 12

Irie tells his father he does not wish to take over his company, instead he wants to become a doctor. Irie's dad has a heart attack after he hears this. When the company employees come to see Irie senior in hospital, one of them requests a marriage interview with Irie. Irie meets Chris and decides to marry her. Kotoko decides to give up on Irie after she overhears him telling oba-chan that he likes Chris. Kotoko goes on a date with Kin and he officially proposes to her.

#8 - The Best Present

Season 1 - Episode 22

It is Kotoko's birthday and Irie takes her out for the night. Irie and Kotoko are very 'lovey dovey' in this episode. Irie and Kotoko pull an all-nighter at the hospital as a lot of emergencies came in, Kotoko stayed even though she seemed to have a fever. When Kotoko returns home in the morning, Oba-chan looks worried over her appearance and asks her if she's alright, Kotoko thinks she's running a slight fever, but Irie asks everyone to wait a moment, he asks Kotoko if she's pregnant, Oba-chan and Yuki both get a shock and yell 'what!'.The episode is left at a cliffhanger.

#9 - Dream of Kiss Kiss Kiss

Season 1 - Episode 11

Naoki begins thinking about what he wants to do with his life and about the future of the family business. For spring break, Kotoko and Sudou go to Romance Village to be closer to Naoki and Matsumoto. However, the experience isn't as "romantic" as it may seem.

#10 - Goodbye Rainy Day

Season 1 - Episode 10

Kotoko's father has decided that him and Kotoko have overstayed their welcome, and so the time has finally come for Kotoko to leave the Irie's! How will Kotoko manage? Has she lost her only advantage to winning Naoki's heart!?

#11 - Chocolate, Exams and the Jinx

Season 1 - Episode 6

With Naoki's help, the whole of Class F passes their finals (with the exception of Kinnosuke.) Kotoko tries to give Naoki some homemade chocolate but fails to do so. Later on, Naoki is set to take the entrance exam to Tokyo University. Kotoko sets off to accompany him to the venue; however, the plot twists when Kotoko's health takes a turn for the worse.

#12 - You, Going Around, Me

Season 1 - Episode 23

After visiting the hospital, it is confirmed that Kotoko is indeed pregnant. Oba-san throws a party, Kotoko's and Irie-kun fathers both look up baby names, even Yuki is excited though he tries not to show it, but is later seen with toys for the baby. After the party, Kotoko-chan and Irie-kun enter their bedroom, Kotoko is a bit worried and questions Irie-kun on what he thinks about her being pregnant, if he's happy about it or not. Irie-kun calls her an idiot and hugs her saying he is very happy. Going into work, Kotoko's friends put her into doubt about Irie-kun's loyalty to her. As Kotoko spies on him (with Oba-san spying on both Kotoko and Irie-kun) she sees him talking and laughing along with a young nurse. Kotoko then sees Irie-kun talking to Yuuko Matsumoto who it seems has been admitted to hospital. Later, while walking home, Kotoko questions him about the young nurse, Irie-kun mentions the young nurse being cute, Kotoko seems to feel down after hearing that. The next day Kotoko spies on Irie-kun and the young nurse as they visit Yuuko Matsumoto, who sees Kotoko standing outside, Kotoko covers up by saying she was worried about Yuuko. Irie-kun talks to the young nurse using 'chan' after her name, Kotoko gets all jealous, but her jealousy is cut short as Sudo-senpai rushes into Yuuko's room and bumps into Kotoko on the way in, therefore ending her jealousy trance. Later when their shift is over, Irie-kun reassures Kotoko's doubts of him, and catches her as she's about to fall down the stairs. As they stand there, Kotoko's friends spy on them. As Kin-chan announces that he is going to marry Chris, two men in black walk into the restruant, it seems Chris' mum is here, she grabs Kin-chans face and takes time to examine him, then tells Chris that Kin-chan is a very handsome man, also saying that Kin-chan should come to england once he marries Chris. Back at the hospital, Matsumoto Yuuko is giving Sudu-san and Kotoko a hard time, as she tries to go back to work. When Sudo-san gets angry at her for not thinking of her own health he slaps her, causing Yuuko to punch him in the face as she walks out in an angry fit with Kotoko chasing after her, when Yuuko tells Kotoko to leave her alone as she's going back to work, Kotoko questions her and asks if Yuuko is going to work still dressed in her pajamas. As they return to Yuuko's room they overhear Sudo-san talking to Irie-kun about Yuuko. Yuuko then returns to her bed saying she will be staying until she gets better. Kotoko and Irie-kun return home, Oba-san calls Irie-kun over and tells him that she is very upset with him, showing him all the photos she took of him talking to other nurses. Kotoko and Irie-kun enter their bedroom and Kotoko says that Oba-san was just worried, but Kotoko stops talking mid-sentence, Irie-kun asks what's wrong. It seems the baby is moving.