Heroic Age

#1 - The Planet Titarros

Season 1 - Episode 4

Following the attack from the Silver Tribe, the Argonaut docks at the planet Titarros to re-supply. To avoid any unnecessary chaos about news of the Nodos, they try to hide Age’s presence. Iolaus is having feelings of jealously from all the attention Age is getting from Princess Deianeira, so he’s angry when he out he has to take Age to the planet surface. Instead of remaining inconspicuous, Age confronts Karukinus another Nodos vessel.

#2 - The Battle in the Space-Time Continuum

Season 1 - Episode 13

The Bellcross is engaging Neruneia in a heated battle when all of a sudden a third Nodos joins the fight, known as Alemantas. How will the Bellcross end up, in this battle against the flow of time? With the Silver Tribe retreating to Mars Meleagros plans to use this opportunity to attack, with the remaining fleet.

#3 - The Forgotten Child

Season 1 - Episode 2

After the destruction of his ship which he refers as “Mom”, Age is invited onto the Iron Tribe’s ship the “Argonaut”. A huge ceremony is held in Age’s honour however Age disturbs the ceremony with his antics that better resembles a monkey, leaving everyone to question whether it’s rise to rely on him. They soon learn again how awesome a power Age is as they are attacked, once again, by the Bronze Tribe.

#4 - The Victorious Day

Season 1 - Episode 18

The Iron Tribe is currently attacking the Bronze Tribe's mother planet, Taro however something seems to be amiss as the Bronze tribe is fighting with all they have, even without help from the Silver Tribe. It looks as if the Silver Tribe has abandoned this planet, which is doomed to destruction for the Iron Tribe's victory.

#5 - The Planet Kodomos

Season 1 - Episode 21

With the Flagship and it's fleet utterly destroyed and all the other fleets being surrounded, all seems lost. Princess Deianeira decides to continue to Kodomos, the home planet of the Silver Tribe, to try and find out why the Silver Tribe hates the Iron Tribe so much. Meanwhile Age and Bellcross, Mehitaka and Arutemia continue to fight Yuti and Cerberus. Do they have what it takes to defeat the two and can they keep from entering Mental Chaos?

#6 - The Agreement of Death

Season 1 - Episode 22

After the negotiations between Princess Deianeira of the Iron Tribe and Purome of the Silver Tribe went well, the Argonaut is now on a journey to search for the birth place of the Golden Tribes "Elysion". The battle between the 3 Nodos rages on and if the situation weren't bad enough with Cerberus on the verge of Mental Chaos, Karukinus decides to rejoin the battle however this may end with a Nodos completing a clause in their contract.

#7 - The Ruined Planet

Season 1 - Episode 1

There was once a people who called themselves the "Golden Tribe" who possessed many powers, including creating planets and seeing into the future. They then called on primitave beings, telling them to explore the universe. Three races were able to reply to their call; "Silver Tribe" the "Bronze Tribe", and the "Hero Tribe". Long after, when the Golden Tribe were about to move on to another universe, a new race replied to their call. This new race, humankind, was referred to as the "Iron Tribe". Now the Iron Tribe is on the verge of extinction, when they are finally able to discover the Ruined Planet of “Oron”, the planet that holds the man who will become their saviour. They reach the planet only to find a boy that calls himself Age, but soon after this they are suddenly attacked by the Bronze Tribe.

#8 - The Agreement

Season 1 - Episode 7

The battle between the Bellcross and Melnayer continues, the Argonaut and its mechs fend off the Bronze Tribe, but Yuti Raa persuades Mehitaka, another Nodos, to transform into Artemia and destroy the Argonaut. The princess has the Argonaut go to active warp to escape; Bellcross blocks Artemia’s immense energy blast to help it escape. They get back to the Starway but another Bronze Tribe nest is there to welcome them. However, the nest is destroyed by the planet’s defence fleet, whose female captain is an old acquaintance of Captain Mobead. After much discussion, the female captain decides to join the Argonaut in its quest.

#9 - The Heroic Tribe

Season 1 - Episode 3

Age is being educated about the history of mankind, including the Bronze Tribe’s invasion less than a century ago that led to the fall of mankind and the loss of their home planet "Earth". While Age is exploring the Argonaut, the uneasy crew members watch idly, still in shock after witnessing the awesome power of the Nodos. While the Argonaut is on its way to Altoria, they are again attacked however this time it’s not the simple Bronze Tribe ants’ nest they are up against.

#10 - The Nodos

Season 1 - Episode 5

This episode continues where the last one left off, five Bronze Tribe nest have appeared and are about to attack the Argonaut and Titarros in order to destroy them both. Meanwhile Age is on the planet, pursuing Karukinus, who doesn’t seem to have any obvious killing intent. The mind-blowing battle between Nodos has begun, but with the amount of destruction caused in what seems to be a test, what inconceivable thing will occur when it’s time for the real thing?

#11 - The Raging One

Season 1 - Episode 14

With the power of Alemantas now concerntrated in the present, the Bellcross ends up engulfed in the power, as it explodes however it also has an adverse affect on Lekti. The Bellcross decends into metal chaos and unleashes its fury on the nearby Neruneia. Meanwhile Meleagros' fleet has taken the battle to Mars, which doesn't turn out to be a wise decision. In order to save Age and the Yunos' family honor, the Princess Deianeira has finally decided to step in.

#12 - The Star of Brilliance

Season 1 - Episode 11

Of his own decision, Age is now a part of Lord Meleagros' fleet to recapture their homeland Earth and Deianeira seems to be the most affected by this. The battle begins and there are some concerns about Meleagros' method of doing things; as he is only using Age to achieve his personal goal. The Silver Tribe are also planning on what action must be taken towards this threat; because when more than two Nodos fight, chaos and destruction are the only outcomes.

#13 - Age

Season 1 - Episode 26

The Silver Tribe, the Bronze Tribe, and the Iron Tribe fleet travel to Elysion. Peato Ou helps repair the Argonaut. Prome Ou and Dhianeila reunite. The Silver Tribe decides to go through the portal along with the Bronze Tribe and the remaining Nodos. Before leaving, Prome gives Dhianeila the power of the Golden Tribe held by the Silver Tribe. Dhianeila decides to remain and work to restore the galaxy. Dhianeila becomes queen and unites all of humanity. The crew of the Argonaut, use the Golden Tribe's power to end all war and destruction. Finally, the Argonaut returns to Oron to fulfill Age's wish. Four years pass, and Oron has been completely restored to its former glory. Dhianeila stands on the shore of the ocean and longs to see Age again. As she begins to leave, a portal appears above Oron and a beam of golden light descends to the ocean surface. Within the light, Age appears, saying that by restoring the planet, Deianeira created a path for him to return. He extends his hand to Dhianeila, who rushes to him with tears in her eyes. At the moment their hands meet, they are engulfed in a blinding light. The portal above Oron disappears and the camera pans away to reveal countless galaxies.